Setting a realistic budget! Part One

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before starting the wedding planning process, the most important thing to do is sit down and plan a realistic budget. First, you need to identify who is contributing what to your wedding. Traditionally, it is the bride's parents who pay for the wedding, but times are changing. Now, there is no rule as to who pays for what. For some couples, they might be the ones footing the bill or its a combination of both sets of parents or other family members.

A good piece of advice is to open a separate checking account to pay for all wedding expenses (including vendor payments). The reason why I am such a fan of this because then you have a better chance of staying on budget.

Another tip is for you and your fiance are paying for your wedding, start saving money right away by setting aside the same amount into your new bank account. Whether its $25 or $100 a month it's a great way to stick to your wedding budget.

Once you have identified your financial contributions, the next step is to actually plan your budget.

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