Review from Resort at Port Ludlow

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
As the Catering Coordinator at The Resort at Port Ludlow, Lori was exceptional to work with. The bride was extremely organized and Lori handled all the details with grace and elegance. She was calm under pressure and was always there when needed and worked WITH our staff not against.

For anyone looking for a wedding planner who is easy to work with and understands your personal needs, I would highly recommend Lori.

~Susan Windle, Resort at Port Ludlow Catering Coordinator

Sneak Peek from Sea Studio

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These beautiful images were caputred by the amazing photography duo of Sall & Jeff Honeycutt of Sea Studio on Saurday, September 17 at The Resort at Port Ludlow.

Review from Bride and Groom

Monday, September 19, 2011
We are so grateful to Lori for all of her wonderful assistance with planning our wedding.  Our wedding was beautiful, elegant and hassle free.  She assisted us with great ideas about table decorations and ceremonies, vendor suggestions, effective and efficient lay out of the reception/ceremony room and assisted with the room set-up and clean-up. She gave us advice on what to do about uncomfortable situations, like how to tell folks you do not want children at your wedding. She provided us with a timeline that made all the important events at our wedding seamless and perfect. Weddings are stressful and she provided us with a peace of mind that was absolutely priceless. I would recommend Lori to anyone who is getting married!
~Sara and Shawn Candella, August 12, 2011

Wedding Day Body Shape-Up

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day so the best way to do that is to exercise and eat healthy.

The most important thing is to everything in moderation and not go overboard with your exercise program. Some brides feel as if they need to lose significant weight before their big way, but that's no the way to go. The key is be healthy and smart about your bridal body shape-up.

I found this great article online that gave some amazing tips on getting in shape

Following these simple tips to get in shape before your wedding.

  • Don’t starve yourself. Fasting and fad diets lead to mood swings, stress and binge eating. Instead establish a sensible diet and exercise routine.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. It’s great for your body and your skin.
  • Exercise daily. Even if it’s something as simple as walking around the block a few times. Cardiovascular exercise is essential to lose weight and get in shape. Lift free weights a couple days a week to tone muscles.
  • Eat several small meals throughout the day. This will balance your blood sugar levels and you’ll avoid binge eating.
  • Munch on a salad before every lunch and dinner. You’ll get filled up and eat less of the fattening stuff. Skip the dressing and high calorie toppings.
  • Choose lean meats and other protein-rich foods, such as skinless chicken, white fish, lean cuts of beef and tofu.
  • Bake, broil and boil instead of frying.
  • Add whole grains to your diet. We hear about how bad carbs are, but whole grains such as bran, barley and buckwheat are actually low in fat and high in fiber.
  • Eat some healthy fats. The monounsaturated fats found in food such as avocados and nuts are good for your in small portions. Also add foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, herring, salmon, sardines and tuna.
  • Choose fruit rather than fruit juice. Bring fruits, such as berries and grapes with you to the office to snack on instead of candy and cookies.
  • Watch your portion sizes. A serving of meat should be the size of a deck of cards. Mashed potatoes, rice and pasta should be 1/2 cup – about half the size of a baseball.
  • Don’t drive when you can walk. Not only will you be burning calories; it’s also good for the environment to avoid driving. Plus good for your wallet with today’s outrageous gas prices.

If you don’t reach your weight loss goal before your wedding, don’t stress over it. Beautiful brides come in all shapes and sizes. You have found the man of your dreams – that’s all that really matters.

Wedding Beauty Tips: To Tan or Not to Tan

Monday, September 12, 2011
As summer fades into fall; however here in western Washington it seems that our summer has just gotten underway, you may be wondering how your skin will look on your wedding day. The biggest question is to tan or not to tan.

If you are looking for a hint of color for the beautiful glow on your wedding day there are several options at your disposal. Here are just a few:
  • Traditional Tanning Bed
  • Spray Tanning/Airbrushing
  • Bronzing Powder
  • Sunless Tanner lotion

The most important thing to know before trying "tanning" method is to to do research. The easiest way to do is by going online or calling a tanning salon. Another key component is to try your "tanning" choice weeks if not a month or two before your wedding. NEVER try "tanning" days away from your wedding if you have never done so as you don't know how your skin will react.

Here are some important tips for Spray Tanning/Airbrushing:

It is important to shave and exfoliate before the tan, but only use a water based exfoliate as an oil-based one will inhibit the tan from taking to your skin. There are ways to eliminate tan lines, and the important thing to remember is to find an experienced technician.  Airbrush Tanning is not regulated by the Dept. of Cosmetology in most states, so be careful.

For those that will be going on your honeymoon and planning on swimming in chlorine...use a tan extender or touch up spray

We'll Never Forget

Sunday, September 11, 2011
For my grandparents, it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor; for my parents it was the assassination of JFK and for my generation it was 9/11. I will never forget what transpired that September Tuesday back in 2011.

I was fresh out of Washington State University and was working as a reporter for The Peninsula Gateway, a weekly newspaper in Gig Harbor. It was my mom who burst into my room at 5:59 am. I was so angry that she woke me up EARLY. She said that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. As she turned on my little 13-inch television I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As I jumped out of my bed to get a closer look at the television is when I saw the second plane hit the second World Trade Center tower.

I wasn't sure how to react; whether to cry or scream. I was in the shower when a third hijacked plane hit the Pentagon. My mom knocked on the bathroom door to tell me. I watched in horror at 6:59 am when Tower 2 collapsed. My initial thoughts were about all of those people in the towers and surrounding buildings on the ground and aboard the planes. I couldn't understand how someone could do this to thousands of innocent people.

Then 4 minutes later, United Flight #93 crashed in Pennsylvania.

Finally, at 7:28 am the Tower 1 began to crumble to the ground.

As I drove into work, I listened for any new updates and if anymore planes would strike or other terrorists attacks would happen, maybe in Seattle or another major US City.

Since it was Tuesday, it was our press day. As we edited that week's newspaper, a few of us at a time would head into the back conference room to watch the destruction and devastation.

It all seemed like a bad dream that we would all wake up tomorrow and know it was all a bad dream.

As I reflect on the last 10 years, I know our country has become a stronger one and in some respects a closer community as we deal with the events of September 11, 2011; knowing that we will heal; but we'll never forget.

Sneak Peak: Northern Lights Photography

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Here is a sneak peek from last Saturday's wedding of Mary and Michael at a private residence in Seattle. Theses gorgeous images are courtesy of Northern Lights Photography.

Important Permits to have before your wedding

Friday, September 9, 2011
During the planning process it is very important to have the following permits/licenses before your wedding takes place:
  • Marriage License:  Refer to your specific county regarding costs and regulations. In our state, we do have a 3-day waiting period before the wedding can take place and the license is only valid for 60 days.
  • Banquet Permit: A banquet permit allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Examples include weddings, company banquets, retirement parties, and club, organization or church events. Cost of the permit is $10 and can be purchased through a state run liquor store.
  • Check with your venue to make sure that they are insured and permitted through their city and/or county to hold wedding receptions.
  • Depending on your wedding venue, they may require that you purchase a special insurance policy, check with your venue before signing on the dotted line.

Real Wedding: Lauren & Brian

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Wanting a rustic, yet vibrant wedding, I first met the bride and her mother back in January at the Seattle Wedding Show and from there we spent the next six months working together on their dream wedding. Lauren and Brian are an amazing couple and it was a pleasure to work with both of them and Lauren's mother Lynne who really spearheaded the planning process. For their wedding, the couple used a family friend's property on Camano Island overlooking Mt. Baker. With its luscious grounds and unique "club house," the venue was simply one of a kind and picturesque. With a green and fuchsia color scheme it was reflected in the linens, flowers, tissue paper pom poms and other decor. Thanks to an amazing friend, Jo Kase and her husband who created several pieces of handcrafted wood art that served as the cupcake tier, benches for the fire pit and an unbelievable homemade S'Mores station that was the perfect late night snack for the guests.

On the last Saturday of July, the weather couldn't have been more perfect on Camano Island for a more perfect couple to exchange their vows in front of their friends and family. To make their wedding ceremony as intimate as possible, Lauren had her youngest brother officiate and her younger brother serve as the musician. The highlight was having Ryan sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow as he played a homemade ukulele that he and Colin would later present to the newlyweds as their gift.

After an amazing wedding and reception, Lauren & Brian were thanked by their guests by running through a sparkler tunnel.

One of the many highlights for me was being able to spend time with the couple and the incredibly talented Clane Gessel. Clane is an amazing photographer and it was great to connect him with Lauren & Brian.

Venue: Private Residence on Camano Island
Wedding Planner: Elegant Affairs
Photographer: Clane Gessel Photography
Cupcakes: New York Cupcakes
Rentals: A Tailored Affairs
Decor: Jo Kase
DJ: DJ Dbure (The Pros Entertainment)
Photobooth: Emerald City Photobooth
Hotel Accommodations & Transportation: Tulalip Casino

I'm Back!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
I apologize for being MIA for the few weeks, I have been swamped with work and getting my boys ready to head back to school. My oldest started the 1st Grade today and my youngest starts preschool next week and I am back in action next week for a wedding after a week off.

I promise to start doing more updates tomorrow.

Please check back tomorrow for a look back at a few of this summers' fabulous weddings with even more AMAZING clients.

As of yesterday, I am now booked for 2011 and the Elegant Affairs 2012 calendar only has a few openings left.

Elegant Affairs has some things up our sleeve that we can't wait to announce, so please be patient!


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