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Sunday, June 7, 2015
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Styling Sunday 11: Invitations 101

Wedding invitations can be an overwhelming task.  What are the "rules?" Is this a formal or informal occasion?  Who's the "host?" How do I put all of this into words?!  Fear not.  I am about to break it down for you.



Traditionally, the bride's parents' were charged with paying for the wedding so their names would be listed as the hosts.  In more formal weddings this wording is still often used, but not always.   Nowadays, isn't always the case that the bride's parent's pay for everything.  Sometimes it's both families and sometimes it may just be the bride and groom that foot the bill!  "Together with their families..." is common; as is listing of both sets of parents in the introduction.

The invitation line is the line that requests the guests to the wedding.  This can be worded many ways but is frequently seen as: "request the honor of your presence," "cordially invite you to," "invite you to join," "request the pleasure of your company," or "invite you to share the celebration."  Depending on the vibe of the event, this line can be as informal or formal as you'd like.

After the host and invitation lines, the couple is listed (bride first).  These names are often designed with a much larger typeface and bolder font in order to draw the attention to who this shindig is celebrating!  More formal invitations list first and middle names whereas informal invites often display first names only (or maybe first and last as shown above).

Date and Time
Typically, the dates and times are capitalized and spelled out completely rather than using numbers.  Example: Saturday, the twelfth of September, Two-Thousand Fifteen, at four-o'clock in the afternoon.  And, again, if the invitation is more on the informal side, these phrases can be altered to "Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 4 pm."  I will say that spelling out the words is the most common, however, whether the invitation is formal or not.

For well-known venues, an address is not required to be listed.  Usually just the venue is listed followed by the city/state that it is located.  If an address or directions are needed in the invitation, a separate insert card can be created.

Sometimes, "reception to follow" is listed at the closing of the invitation.  Or perhaps, "dinner and dancing to follow."  If the reception is in the same venue as the ceremony, "reception immediately to follow" is often used.  Not having a dinner?  In that case, writing, "cocktail reception to follow," "dessert reception to follow," or "hors d'oeuvres reception to follow" works perfectly fine as well.  No kids at the reception?  Stating "adult reception" is a polite way of requesting this. 

Dress Code
If you'd like to specify a dress code, this can also be written under the reception information.  Some dress codes might be: black tie, semi-formal, cocktail attire, festive attire, black-tie optional, dressy casual, or informal.

RSVP and Registry
In the case of my informal invitation above, this couple chose to list the stores in which their wedding registries are located as well as RSVP information.  Even in an informal instance, I would advise having a separate insert for these categories.  But to save on money for the extra paper, maybe listing it on the same sheet is more practical for you.  In the grand scheme of things, it's your day.  Make your own rules! :)

Happy writing, friends!
xoxo, Kim

Tips for an Atypical Vegetarian Reception

Friday, June 5, 2015
Your wedding day should be about celebrating what you and your future spouse love most, not what you think your guests will love. So, if the chicken or steak option just will not do and planning a meat-less reception is an important to-do, this is the Food-tastic blog for you!

Start by thinking about what your favorite foods are, and if those are items you would like to see on your reception menu. Have a secret love for peanut butter and jelly sammies? Or you just can’t get enough grilled tofu? Be sure to incorporate your faves into your selections for the big day, and personalize the menu descriptions to get your guests excited about getting to experience it too.

Doing your research and selecting a caterer who is knowledgeable about and supportive of your meat-less menu will eliminate the stress that comes with planning any reception menu. They will know what items to offer as crowd pleasers, and which items to avoid due to cost. Save yourself the hassle, and make hiring a skilled caterer a top priority.

Make your guests forget there isn’t any meat by setting up some grazing stations. Gourmet fruit platters and tiered cheese trays, varieties of veggie plates and of course something sweet; you and your guests will leave with full bellies and happy hearts.

Janice Hussey, Food-tastic Friday Blogger

Super Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Want a vibrant wedding, but don't want to go overboard on your color scheme? Maybe use a few of these ideas to add a pop of color to your wedding, without going too crazy!

1. Wear a pair of bright colored heels under your dress! You may not always see them, but when you lift to walk or are dancing, they will be the perfect pop!

2. Give your bridesmaids their own color to accent! Along with their matching dresses, have them accessorize with their own color! It could be rainbow, or a few colors from your wedding color scheme.

3. Have a colorful centerpiece, Legos are a good distraction for the kiddos at your wedding!

4. Add a little color to the traditional champagne toast! Not much, but a few berries will do the trick!

5. Or have a non traditional wedding scheme, go a little crazy! 

6. Photo booth backdrops are always fun, personalize it on your own and give it some vibrant color!

7. Create some wedding guest book art! Finger painting is always a fun idea for any age!

8. Or give your boutonnieres a subtle pop of color!

There are so many different ways to sneak some vibrant color into your wedding, these are just a few ideas that I could come up with! Have fun!

Before You Say I Do

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Before you say I do there is one special day that you need to think about. Your rehearsal! Your rehearsal dinner is an important part of your wedding timeline. Your families and loved ones come together and you begin to celebrate the start of your life together. Rehearsal dinners typically follow the rehearsal at your venue or a selected spot. Traditionally, brides have worn white on their rehearsal dinner as a precursor to the big day. Now, I'm all about breaking traditions, but this one- well, this one I kinda like. Here are some great white cocktail dresses for your wedding rehearsal dinner. Enjoy!
High Gloss Fashion ($175)

Periwinkle Smile by ModCloth ($119)

Bursts of Delight by ModCloth ($109)

Beyond Bombshell by ModCloth ($114)

Sparkling Celebration by ModCloth ($149)

So before you say "I do", say "I do" to the perfect rehearsal dress. 



The "Debater" Bride

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Winter Whimsical Bridal Session – Timeless Photography » Vintage Wedding Photography

Find out your Bride Personality Type here!

The Myers-Brigg Test has indicated 16 different personality types based on how people interact with the world, absorb information, make decisions, and organize thoughts.

The Visionaries Type Head! The Originator, The Explorer Inventor, Lover of Verbal Debate, "One exciting challenge after another", Intellect GroupStressors that get me spinning: check out this ENTP stress head! #mbti #myersbriggs

This week we will be debating with the ENTP personality type!

1. Otherwise known as the "great debater", this lovely lioness is a visionary with a steady flow of ideas and imagination to get her from point A to B. Want to spark a fire under her butt? Easy! Just tell her she can't do something or better yet, tell her it's impossible and see what happens next. This bride's enthusiasm and drive to conquer everything in her path will ensure that she will get everything she wants for her special day.

Funny Wedding Photos - Funny Wedding Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

2. CAUTION! This bride's kryptonite is boredom. ENTP's need constant mental stimulation to keep their balls of fiery energy rolling. Some ENTP's that share resemblance are Amy Poehler, Robert Downey Jr.,  and Salma Hayek. Known for their extraverted intuition, they aren't afraid to express their feelings especially when it comes to winning (one of their favorite hobbies). The ENTP bride will demand an excellent itinerary for her wedding day but she will need a team of people behind her to carry out her vision, for her strengths fall into the start of the race not the finish.

20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party. Some I've seen, but a lot of them are really cute.

3. Intellectual conversations, witty batter, and ideation will always soothe an uneasy ENTP soul. This bride loves to be inspired and will seek any outlet that will provide it for her. Some of the top career choices for this personality type are entrepreneur, director/producer, reporter, and creative marketing. She can be good at anything that interests her, especially if it's unconventional. My unorthodox yet stupendously exciting reception senses are tingling!

Wedding Reception Ideas: Beautiful Escort Cards and Seating Charts - Rebekah Westover

4. While patience may not be her strong suit, the ENTP bride is most compatible with INFJ's and INTJ's who both will have the easy-going reserved nature that will help tame her sometimes boisterous outbursts. But that's why we love you ENTP bride! You like to see matters from all points of view but we can always count on you to express your stance on what you think is "right" until the wedding bells ring home. I am pleased to honor the "Bride Most Likely To Burn The City Down On Her Adventurous Wedding Night" to the forever charming, ENTP bride!

Gatsby Party (Leonardo DiCaprio Portrait as Great Gatsby with "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" as Reclaimed Pallet Wood Sign Painting)

See you next week!
Mo Hughes 

What can guests do between ceremony and reception?

Monday, June 1, 2015
You just said “I do” and now you and your new husband are rushing off to go capture pictures. Since the ceremony just ended and your reception is not scheduled for another hour or 2 what are your guests supposed to do in the meantime? Here are a few tips on how to keep guests entertained.

1) After the ceremony you can have guests head over to the location of the reception. A great way to keep guests busy is to have them write good luck notes or happy thoughts to the bride and groom and then put them in a box. These notes would mean so much to the bride and groom.
2) Another idea is having cocktail hour. Chances are guests will be pretty hungry and thirsty and you do not want to make them wait until dinner. Guests will appreciate having little appetizers and drinks while they wait. It also gives the guests a chance to mingle with one another.
3) Another idea is to have a live band for your guests to listen and watch or a slideshow of the couples. This will give the guests a special look into the lives of the bride and groom and a glimpse of their journey together. 

Styling Sunday 10: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Lights

Sunday, May 31, 2015
Hi, all!  With all the sunny weather we Seattleites have been graced with these past couple weeks, I have been inspired by the warmth and wanting to spend more time outdoors.  Especially out on a nice deck or patio with twinkly bistro lights strung overhead as the sun sets and happy hour fades into evening... ahhhh.  It got me thinking about the various kinds of lighting elements you could implement into your wedding scheme. 

Whether your soiree be indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of ways to add a little twinkle to your day:


1.  Mix strings of lights with fabric bunting for a rustic look.
2.  Create a pathway with lights strung between stakes in the ground.
3.  Make a "x" or crossing pattern of overhead lights across your whole outdoor party.
4.  Attach glowing lanterns to a canopy of clear string for a floating affect (so dreamy!).
5.  Wrap string lights around trees for a magical landscape as the sun goes down.
6.  Use clusters of old-fashioned light bulbs on strings for an intimate but impactful installation.
7.  Fill trusty mason jars with LED lights, tie them into groups of three and suspend them from ropes for interesting mini-chandeliers scattered across the ceiling.
8.  For a more subtle twinkle, pair your lights with a thin textile and allow them to softly glow through the fabric.
9.  Hang plants, vines or flowers amongst your bistro lights for a carefree, bohemian vibe (I think this is my favorite!).

Now go get yourself some twinklies for your own space!  I know my deck is begging for them.  ;)

Happy Styling!
xoxo, Kim

For your "I do" BBQ

Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day is like the official unofficial start of summer. Growing up in the south, school was always out just in time for the first barbeque of the season, jump starting those grills for the hot and long days ahead. I certainly didn’t waste any time getting into the summer spirit, and have already had the pleasure of delighting my taste buds to some of my summer favorites, and I hope you have too. Hor d’oeurves, dinners, and desserts, there are no limits to possibilities of that open flame, be it a casual social with neighbors or the biggest and best day of your life. Just take a look at the images below, speaking louder than words this week, to inspire the Food-tastic elements of your bbq I do’s.

Janice Hussey, Food-tastic Friday Blogger

How To Have The Grandest Exit

Thursday, May 28, 2015
Right behind walking down the aisle and your grand entrance to the reception, your grand exit is a fun and seriously important part of your wedding! Though, the other day I learned that the old tradition of throwing rice for the bride and groom as they leave is actually a really bad thing to do! (Sorry in advance for getting all dark and cruel) I read an article about how birds will get to the rice the next morning after the wedding and die from swallowing it! Supposedly, when the birds eat the rice, the rice ends up expanding in their stomachs and according to Google, the birds then "explode". (Yes, explode...) I don't know how I feel about that myth though, I'd like to see some facts. But still, not very safe for birds! So if possible, lets's try and avoid throwing rice for your wedding... Instead, I've got a list of 10 amazing ideas for guests to have or toss as you make your grand exit!

Before you get ready to leave, make sure to say your goodbyes and hugs to everyone and have a super awesome last song for your guests to finish off the night dancing to. Make it a great, friends-honoring song to enjoy while everyone has one last hug-it-out dance with you two before you leave. While saying your goodbyes, have someone pull the car around so it's ready to go! (Or call a cab, round up the bicycle, call in the horses). The exit will need to be announced for guests to gather and watch. (Note: have the DJ or someone on a mic do this, It might be pretty awkward if you're the one making the announcement) Also have them announce where they should be going, and what they should be doing, grabbing, or throwing for the grand exit (see list below!).

1. Sparklers are a very popular, very classic choice to have for an exit. Plus, you get some seriously amazing, time-stood-still pictures out of it!

2. Bubbles, also very popular and very cute. I think you will need to have a lot of people blowing them to have the full effect though! If you have a small wedding, maybe have a bubble machine to have more than enough (Will also leave the kiddos at the wedding entertained for hours) 

3. Streamers, sort of self explanatory. Very classic, fun and colorful! Have guests bring out their inner Middle School TP days and toss rolls of steamers in the air.

4. Confetti! Similar to the streamers, fun and colorful. Maybe even get confetti poppers! (Note: maybe look into some eco-friendly confetti, love it.) And make sure to check with your venue regarding their rules.

5. Lavender looks very similar to rice when its thrown in the air, small and delicate. But it smells heavenly! Bonus! 

6. Small wild flowers, perfect for a bohemian wedding. And I'm sure would make for very cool pictures. Or just petals would be simple and classic as well.

7. Glitter or sequins, might be serious pain in the butt for someone to have to clean up, but that's not for you to worry about! This is perfect for a very glam bride, I love this idea!

8. Balloons- if your exit is at night time, you could track down some glow in the dark balloons, how cool! 

9. Glow Sticks would also be cool if you were intrigued by the glow in the dark balloons!

10. Paper Lanterns, I am a SERIOUS sucker for this beautiful tradition. Have guests light and set off their lanterns right before you two for some perfect pictures, everyone cheer and hug, and then you're off!

And one extra! If this post really inspired you to change the tradition of throwing rice at your grand exit, and you are now feeling really awful for those birds, throw birdseed!! Still looks like rice in the air, might be a pain to brush out of your hair, but your helping out those little guys instead of hurting them. (R.I.P. to all the birds lost in the making of those exits) 

XO Jenny

Fashion isn't fashion without a little styling.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Fashion isn't fashion without the finishing touches. Yes, yes, you can have a beautiful gown to adorn you on your wedding day, but without the proper styling details like hair and makeup, something just feels a little incomplete. There are lots of beauty trends in the wedding industry.

For the first look, bold is it ladies. Bold lipsticks are seen all over Hollywood these days. Ladies all around are saying yes to deep shades of wine and red. The fantastic thing about a bold lip color is that it can fit various wedding themes, such as vintage or modern. Pair a bold lip with a birdcage, or even a floral crown for a vivid look.

Fresh is always in. Minimal makeup creates a fresh look for your big day. Go for subtle eye shadow, and a touch of peach or pink on your checks and you are set to go. As for your hair, how about a beautiful fishtail braid for your up do. 

The last style is a classic look but it also looks very organic for your special day. Top buns have been around for the last couple of years, and boy- I am a big fan. Top buns look effortless and organic, but gleam with sophistication. Pair a top bun with either a bold or pale lip. With a top bun, you can't go wrong. 

Whatever you do, choose a makeup style that is you. Don't make yourself look unrecognizable for your big day. You want your guests and future hubby to know it's you walking down the isle. Accentuate your features and choose a hairstyle that accompanies your dress and personal taste. 


Bride Personality Types: INTJ Bride!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beautiful Veil This is a really good idea for pics....wish I had done this. The lace I bought from bridal store downtown Columbus in 1970 was from France and was $45 dollars a yard. I planned out even square inch that I bought...ctc

The Myers-Brigg Test has indicated 16 different personality
types based on how people interact with the world,
absorb information, make decisions, and organize thoughts.

Find your Bride Personality Type here!

Check out this INTJ type head! #INTJ #mbti myersbriggsStressors that get me spinning: check out this INTJ stress head! #mbti #myersbriggs

This week is the "Mastermind" INTJ personality type!

1. This complex woman has a head full of knowledge, facts, and conclusions that were stored in her database long before the rest of us had to time to even notice. The INTJ bride loves intellectual connections, witty sarcasm, and rationality. When something peaks her interest, she will devotedly focus on it. This is why "love" typically unnerves INTJ's because it will expose uncharted territory...EMOTIONS! But don't get your hopes up. INTJ's are not easy to impress and it takes a series of tests to gain their trust. In fact, it is such a feat that every person who passes is honored the "I Won The Heart Of an INTJ" badge!

love this shot

2. The INTJ bride will not only have logically high expectations for her wedding, but also for herself. She's a strategizer and takes great pride in her ability to make the right decisions. In fact, INTJ's are notorious for their temperament when other people try to make decisions for them. CAUTION! Change is not a pleasant concept for this bride-to-be so everything has to stay according to plan....or else! Some INTJ's that might help you understand how serious and brilliant they can be include actress Jodie Foster, physicist Stephen Hawking, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. INTJ's are especially rare, with INTJ women taking up less than 1% of women in the whole world.

How picturesque is this photo, and the sweeping veil, pure beauty: | Photography: Christian Oth -

3. INTJ women are typically book worms and enjoy having long theoretical conversations in their head for fun. Seriously folks, that's how fast their brains work, to the point where they will even re-enact conversations from years ago to strategize what they should've said. "Bride Most Likely To Win Every Debate With Her Lucky Husband Badge" awarded right here! (My favorite badge). But let's be real, the INTJ woman is a smart woman indeed therefore, the husband she marries will be smart enough to know that that us women are always right (insert innocent wink face).

Heart wedding signage | Ashley Gerrity Photography | see more on:

4. Being such an anomaly, INTJ women may find it hard to discover friends they can identify with. Partly because they have a unique creative side that they not dare expose too often due to the risk of criticism (which if you value your ego's bottom, I would not attempt). With this exciting discovery, I sense a surprisingly intimate and whimsical wedding that the INTJ bride concocted from her countless sleepless nights spent thinking about the big day! I adore you INTJ bride, you are a wonderful puzzle that will be solved by your equally intriguing soul mate.

Rainy Day Kuitpo Forest Engagement   Read more -

See you next week!
Mo Hughes

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