Tips for an Atypical Vegetarian Reception

Friday, June 5, 2015
Your wedding day should be about celebrating what you and your future spouse love most, not what you think your guests will love. So, if the chicken or steak option just will not do and planning a meat-less reception is an important to-do, this is the Food-tastic blog for you!

Start by thinking about what your favorite foods are, and if those are items you would like to see on your reception menu. Have a secret love for peanut butter and jelly sammies? Or you just can’t get enough grilled tofu? Be sure to incorporate your faves into your selections for the big day, and personalize the menu descriptions to get your guests excited about getting to experience it too.

Doing your research and selecting a caterer who is knowledgeable about and supportive of your meat-less menu will eliminate the stress that comes with planning any reception menu. They will know what items to offer as crowd pleasers, and which items to avoid due to cost. Save yourself the hassle, and make hiring a skilled caterer a top priority.

Make your guests forget there isn’t any meat by setting up some grazing stations. Gourmet fruit platters and tiered cheese trays, varieties of veggie plates and of course something sweet; you and your guests will leave with full bellies and happy hearts.

Janice Hussey, Food-tastic Friday Blogger

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