The "Debater" Bride

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
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Find out your Bride Personality Type here!

The Myers-Brigg Test has indicated 16 different personality types based on how people interact with the world, absorb information, make decisions, and organize thoughts.

The Visionaries Type Head! The Originator, The Explorer Inventor, Lover of Verbal Debate, "One exciting challenge after another", Intellect GroupStressors that get me spinning: check out this ENTP stress head! #mbti #myersbriggs

This week we will be debating with the ENTP personality type!

1. Otherwise known as the "great debater", this lovely lioness is a visionary with a steady flow of ideas and imagination to get her from point A to B. Want to spark a fire under her butt? Easy! Just tell her she can't do something or better yet, tell her it's impossible and see what happens next. This bride's enthusiasm and drive to conquer everything in her path will ensure that she will get everything she wants for her special day.

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2. CAUTION! This bride's kryptonite is boredom. ENTP's need constant mental stimulation to keep their balls of fiery energy rolling. Some ENTP's that share resemblance are Amy Poehler, Robert Downey Jr.,  and Salma Hayek. Known for their extraverted intuition, they aren't afraid to express their feelings especially when it comes to winning (one of their favorite hobbies). The ENTP bride will demand an excellent itinerary for her wedding day but she will need a team of people behind her to carry out her vision, for her strengths fall into the start of the race not the finish.

20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party. Some I've seen, but a lot of them are really cute.

3. Intellectual conversations, witty batter, and ideation will always soothe an uneasy ENTP soul. This bride loves to be inspired and will seek any outlet that will provide it for her. Some of the top career choices for this personality type are entrepreneur, director/producer, reporter, and creative marketing. She can be good at anything that interests her, especially if it's unconventional. My unorthodox yet stupendously exciting reception senses are tingling!

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4. While patience may not be her strong suit, the ENTP bride is most compatible with INFJ's and INTJ's who both will have the easy-going reserved nature that will help tame her sometimes boisterous outbursts. But that's why we love you ENTP bride! You like to see matters from all points of view but we can always count on you to express your stance on what you think is "right" until the wedding bells ring home. I am pleased to honor the "Bride Most Likely To Burn The City Down On Her Adventurous Wedding Night" to the forever charming, ENTP bride!

Gatsby Party (Leonardo DiCaprio Portrait as Great Gatsby with "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" as Reclaimed Pallet Wood Sign Painting)

See you next week!
Mo Hughes 

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