DIY Project: Glitter Shoes

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Things you need:
  • A pretty-shaped pair of shoes, feel free to use an old pair, they'll look brand new after you get finished with them!
  • Any color of glitter you want (I picked silver, gold and bronze, then mixed them) try to vary the size of the glitter. Pick big chunks and fine sands. It adds depth and texture.
  • Modge podge. There are a hundred kinds at the store, pick the good old fashion kind:) if you don't want to spend the money, mix Elmer's with water till it's tacky.
  • A paint brush that is at least an inch wide.
  • Masking tape
  • A plastic pallet of some sort. Bowl, plate, anything to contain the podge.
  • A bowl to catch and throw the glitter with;)
  • A shoe box
  • Newspaper

Step One: Decide what's going to happen to the sole!
Do you want it a different color? Spray paint the area and make sure you don't leave any spot dry. Do you want to write on it? Do it carefully;) Do you like it the way it is? Then tape up the whole area, like I did in photo one. Make the lines precise, and don't forget the inside of the heel or the base/platform. (Pretty much, tape any part you don't want glitter, besides the inside)

Step Two: Prepare for the mess!
Spread the newspaper out across the floor/table. I recommend NOT doing this project over carpet. Glitter is hard enough to completely sweep off of a  wood floor. Mix your glitter if you want that look. I had two shades to work with and created an ombre effect. (Gold+silver and gold+bronze). Put your colors into bowls that are cereal bowl sized. I did mine with paper bowls.

Step Three: Paint and glitter!
Pour the modge podge into a bowl so it's easy to access, and paint it on the shoe. Spread it evenly. After that, hold the shoe over the shoe box and pour glitter from the bowl onto the glue- covered places. If your glitter runs out, put the shoe aside and pour the collected glitter from the box to the bowl and keep covering your shoe. I did my darker shade first and let it sit before starting my lighter shade.

Step Four: Optional multiple coats!
After you've completed your first coat of glitter, take a look at it. If it's everything you dreamed it would be, go to step five. If it needs more clumps of sparkle, be my guest! Dunk that thing in modge podge and glitter it again! (I did two coats on mine!)

Step Five: Seal it.
When the shoes look perfect, go ahead and paint a finishing coat of modge podge over all the areas covered in glitter. This step is important if you want your shoe to stay looking perfect and if you don't want a trail if glitter wherever you go!

Step Six: Resist wearing them!
For three days. You want to make sure they're completely dry before you sport your new shoes. Put them inside the shoe box (if they don't touch the edges) and make sure the shoe box is placed somewhere it won't get knocked over or disturbed. If they get scuffed, it'll look like your nails do when you try to open a drawer thinking they're dry...

Step Seven: Wear them!
Wear them at an evening event, where the lights can make a disco ball out of your feet. Wear them in the sun with a cute little summer dress and blind everyone:)

Thanks to our newest Wedding Day Assistant and new bride herself Britney!

Wedding Planner Journey: The Dress

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Wedding Dress Disaster to Meant to Be
Planning has been moving along quite well in the McVaugh/Ermitano household.  Shea and I have realized that we are more on the non-traditional side of wedding planning. I don’t plan on having my dress stark white, throw a bouquet or garter, or having wedding cake. Additionally, I planned on having a unique dress , which was most importantly, me. I traveled back to Spokane Memorial Day weekend to visit with my family and to purchase my wedding gown. I ended up returning to the first dress I tried on a few months ago, and I realized that it was meant to be. I had tried on the dress several times prior. It was a beautiful, blush/champagne colored Oleg Cassini gown. It was far from traditional – I loved it. Over the last couple of months I had developed a close relationship with my stylist. She kept me in touch with updates from the designer and kept me updated on my timeline to purchase. Originally, I had put it off because the designer and stylist said I had nothing to worry about. It was a new design and it would be available for a few months- so I went on with my daily life and put wedding planning behind me. My mom, sister, and I scheduled an appointment with my stylist to try on the dress again and purchase. I tried it on, was ready to order, and then my stylist got on the phone. I looked at my mother, and then to my sister, I’m pretty positive they could see the fear in my eyes. She was having a discussion with their warehouse-over ride codes- oh, no. Something was wrong. My stylist got off the phone. I’m sure she saw my deer in the headlights look on my face. I knew I had lost the dress. Due to the color, the designer had pulled the dress and was not manufacturing the design anymore. Unfortunately the sample I had tried on was not the right fit and my dream dress destiny was over. I left the store before tears started to roll down my face, and I just cried. I feared that our wedding, which is planned around the color of the dress, was ruined. I got home, and my Dad- who is a man of few words when it comes to comfort- came in the house and said, “Rachel, there are more dresses honey. You’ll find a new one.” He is very quiet when it comes to comforting. He mostly tells me to, “Stop crying, and go wash my face.” These words helped me pick myself up, grab my mom and head out to a bridal boutique in Spokane.

The ladies at Bridal Collections were wonderful. I came in, explained my story, and after a gasp they said, “Let me help you!” My stylist Cynthia gave me the best experience. She asked me what I was looking for and went straight to work. She didn’t move outside the box, or try and get me in a dress I hated. She pulled every dress in the exact color that I wanted. I tried on dress one, a beautiful lace fit and flare, and I said, “Not for me.” Then, I tried on the most magnificent gown, in Parisian Mist with an Ivory overlay, and before walking out – I said, “I love this one.” As soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I felt like the most beautiful bride. I hadn’t felt this way in the previous discontinued dress. That was a beautiful gown, but now I was a beautiful woman that had found the perfect gown. We ended up ordering the dress right away. I would spend all day, every day, in that dress if I could. It is a Maggie Sottero gown, is traditional but offbeat, and most importantly, it is mine. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with Shea, and do so looking like 1,000,000 bucks. Sometimes, disaster strikes during wedding planning, but remember there is always another dress or another way.

Visit BridalColletions in Spokane, WA if you want the fabulous experience I had! 

Wedding Planner Journey: The Guest List!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Wait, who are you inviting? And oh- surprise- I’m going to bring a date!
Yes. It’s time to talk about… the guest list. After our budget creation, our next order of business was the guest list. The guest list is honestly one of the hardest aspects of your wedding. You have glorious friends and family but, the question remains- can you afford to invite EVERYONE?
In most cases, it’s no. But, remember that doesn’t mean you don’t love someone. It simply means that your pocket book isn’t that deep. Being on the other side of weddings has taught me probably the most important note in planning my own wedding. Every guest, you pay for. You pay for their food, drinks and overall experience.  Every guest has a dollar sign attached to their name. Yes, it’s a black and white way of looking at the guest list- but it’s true.  Additionally, venues often have a cap of guest that you can invite. For instance, our venue only holds 150 guests.
Now, here we are. Shea and I want an intimate wedding. To be honest, I never really thought I would be the, “I want to get married in a princess dress and dance the night away” type of girl. Planning weddings is what I do. I deal with clients on a daily basis and help others plan their weddings. The last thing I really wanted to do was spend the money and plan my own wedding. One night, after a few glasses of champagne, champ is by far my favorite, my father and I made a bet. I had told my family for years that I wanted to get married in a vintage 50’s dress at the courthouse. Maybe some rice would be thrown, and we would dine at our favorite restaurant for the reception. I was confident that this was my vision. So, my father and I shook on it. Now, here I am engaged- planning a wedding. Why you ask? Well, when I told my mother about my courthouse plans she replied, “Weddings aren’t just for you. They are for your friends and family.” I understand what she said- they are a celebration. Now here I am planning our wedding, and well I am glad I changed my vision. Sorry Dad. Although my vision has changed, I still want to create an intimate celebration, like I had dreamed of, with just our close family and friends.  
We chose the number 120. We made a deal that we will not go over. And honestly, I won’t let it happen. Shea wrote down a list of his family and friends. I created my own list. Currently we are around 100. But, we are both noticing that as our time goes by, our parents and even ourselves; realize we left a few loved ones off. Over the next year, I’m sure it will grow and we will need to create a Plan B list. What is a Plan B list? Well, as RSVPs return, you will realize that some guests will not be able to attend. Well, hello Plan B. Do you have a distant family member that you would like to invite but had to prioritize, well put them on the Plan B list. Simple and effective, I promise you.
As for dates, ohhhhhh wedding dates. As a planner, this is my advice: If a wedding guest has a serious significant other and will not know anyone at the wedding- give them a plus one. If you are inviting a close group of gal pals that you can all place at a table- have them enjoy and celebrate together. Be decisive, and don’t be afraid to write in the number of guests allotted on the RSVP card. I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve worked where we are short chairs, table seating, or even meals due to the surprise date. Be as precise and detailed as possible to limit mistakes and unknown factors on your day of.
Only time will tell what changes will be made in our guest list. Our guest list may not be set in stone until Save the Dates go out, but there is one thing we do know, that we want to spend our wedding days with those we love and not go in debt doing it. 

Interview with Elegant Affairs

One of our amazing Elegant Affairs team members Kat Blunt conducted an interview with Owner/Wedding Planner Lori Losee about her company and her love for everything DIY.

Check out the interview and the Blog Post.

Review from Client

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank you so much for all of your hard work during our wedding! It was a perfect day and we had a fabulous time, creating the most perfect memories that will last our lifetime! We couldn’t have done it without your help – you solved all our problems and kept all the worries at bay. It had an amazing impact on my planning – I wasn’t stressed at all. Rachel, your Hawaiian dance was amazing and we’re still having people comment on it.
 ~Amy & Eli, Laurel Creek Manor, August 30, 2013

Wedding Show DIY Project: How to make our stars!

The highlight of our booth according to the Seattle Wedding show vendors and attendees were our hanging stars. I went in search of cute yet easy to make stars to hang in our Persian themed wedding booth and came across a great blog that had the stars I was looking for. I wanted to make something that was easy and didn't have to glue, tape or staple. 

Here is a link to how to make the Stars!

I spent less than $7 on 30 cardstock paper in three colors and with the aid of a pen, scissors and a scoring tool, my team and I spent one evening tracing and cutting out the stars and assembling them.

This was by far the easiest DIY project we have done and all of the stars came out spectacular.

To hang the stars we used a small scrapbook hole punch and then strung them on fishing line and viola there you have it!

Our biggest piece of advice is to get paper that is not too heavy nor too thin so the star is easy to fold and bend and hold its shape.

Seattle Wedding Show Recap

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The 2014 Seattle Wedding Show is officially in the books. We some amazing couples and vendors and can't wait to get to work. For our booth this year we wanted to break out of the box and do something a little different. Wanting to emphasize the rich colors that we see as a trend in the upcoming year, we went with a Persian themed booth. Working with some pretty outstanding vendors, our reality came true. Thanks to A Tailored Affairs, we chose the gold fabric for the back of our booth with an orange Indian inspired fabric as the focal point.

For the table we went with a blue linen complete with a gold patterned sequin overlay. To complete the tablescape, we used two white lanterns, gold flatware courtesy of AA Party Rental and gold round chargers.

Then there are the flowers. Knowing my vision, I went to the flower man himself, Christopher Flowers who created these unbelievable arrangements.

Finally, the main attraction of the booth that really got people talking where the stars that we strung through the top of our booth. When it came down to the construction of the stars, we wanted a no-fuss DIY craft and we found this amazing template and the Elegant Affairs team spent three hours drinking wine and eating pizza creating these stars. 

We will be posting the star tutorial tomorrow.

We have to thank all of the amazing vendors who helped make this booth successful:
Also thank you to Alante Photography and Azzura Photography for these beautiful images of our team and booth.