The Rehearsal Dinner

Monday, May 25, 2015
Weddings are a day that most girls dream about but before the wedding can happen there needs to be a rehearsal dinner. After all practice makes perfect, but many people do not want to spend some of their wedding budget on a big rehearsal dinner. Here are some tips to having a special rehearsal dinner without breaking the bank.

1.)   Having a barbecue or a family member make the food at a nearby relative’s house is a good way for everyone to be able to mingle and have fun while avoiding the costs of restaurants.

2.)   If you want to keep the rehearsal dinner small, try having the rehearsal dinner two days before the wedding, that way only the wedding party and a few close relatives will attend instead of all the out of town guests.

3.)   On the contrary though, if you want to have more time with out of town guests then inviting them to the rehearsal dinner is a great way to get to spend a little extra time with them.

4.)   A great option for cheaper entertainment at a rehearsal dinner is a video or slide show of home movies and pictures of the bride and groom growing up!

Just remember that the wedding is all about the bride and groom and have fun with every aspect of it. The rehearsal dinner should not be stressful so make it as enjoyable and fun as possible!

More Sprinkles, Please!

Friday, May 22, 2015

A dash here, and a touch there, a tad bit here, and a little sprinkle there; we are all looking for ways to add that something extra to our wedding day and the events surrounding it, from rehearsal dinners to next day brunches. Your pins and posts make it obvious that this task can be as daunting or as simple as you choose, so be sure it’s something you’ll be happy with even when the church bells stop ringing. Sticking with a fun and colorful food-tastic twist will get your bridal team in high spirits, and keep them excited and anticipatory about what’s next to come. There are few things more fun and colorful than rainbow sprinkles, so add a dash here, and a touch there, a tab bit more here, and don’t forget a little sprinkle over there! Pick out your favorite sprinkle something from the images below, or share your idea of the perfect use of sprinkles with us!

Janice Hussey, Food-tastic Friday Blogger

Ideas for wedding favors

Thursday, May 21, 2015
When deciding what to get your guests as party favors, a big thing that you should consider is whether or not they will actually use or keep them. Because if it's something they'll throw away right when they get home, then it's a total waste of your money! Even though it may still be a very cute idea! Here's a few ideas of seriously useful, still adorable, party favor ideas for your wedding!

-Flip-flops, the perfect gift to use during the wedding and afterwards. Set a basket right around the dance floor for your guests to take off their painful shoes to dance the night away. Make sure you have enough sizes for all of your guests though!

-Koozies, awesome. Everyone needs a good coozie! And you can never have too many!

-Koozies, awesome. Everyone needs a good coozie!

-Succulents, the most adorable kind of plant. What is cuter than a small little succulent inside an itty bitty container? Perfect for any place, around the house or on their office desk to add a little greenery!

-Liqour, miniature bottles of alcohol are both adorable and very useful.

-Customized M&M's , you can turn your M&M's to say almost anything you want! And you can print pictures on one side too!

-Macaroons, because well, I think that I can speak for everyone in saying that they are the tastiest and cutest sweet treat! You could wrap 3 or 4 of them in a cute container with a tag and ribbon and they're ready!

-Candles, very useful. Choose a your favorite scent that may be significant for the two of you, and everyone will be able to enjoy it!

-Lotto Tickets! I love this idea. Because "for richer or poorer", am I right?? Though, they aren't very appealing to look at, so maybe wrap them up in a pretty envelope so that they aren't as tacky looking!

-Lip Balm, because you can really never have enough lip balms in your purse or pocket or car, or really anywhere! Truly a very useful party favor!

Now you don't have to use any of these ideas, but if you want to make sure that your money is being put to good use these may do the job for ya!

The Non-Wedding Gown

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Ladies, just because you're getting married doesn't mean that you need to have a ball gown. A lot of you out there might think that you must fit in this wedding dress box in order to be a classic bride. Go ahead and break free of those chains, because you don't have to purchase an actual wedding gown.
Wedding dresses aren't only found at wedding boutiques or mass retailers. They don't have to be designed by a wedding dress designer or have taffeta, typical wedding lace or tulle. Wedding dresses can be whatever you want and from wherever you want. If there is a company that you currently shop at that correctly displays your style as a woman and a bride- go for it. Buy a dress that is YOU.

Now, for my favorite part, shopping.

Enter, Free People. Oh, Free People, how I love thee. Free People is a boho inspired company that is for the bride that is free spirited and may want something chic, but effortless. These are not wedding gowns, but you will see that given the right styling and details, these have wedding written all over them.

Free People, The Wren Gown ($3,500)

Free People, Lillian Gown ($4,000)

One of my next favorite companies to do my shopping with is called Stone Cold Fox. Stone Cold Fox has a similar style to Free People, but has more of a 70's essence to the clothing design and style. These dresses are absolutely stunning and may not be the definition of traditional, but are classic and definitely noteworthy. 

Stone Cold Fox, Bonita Dress ($280)

 Stone Cold Fox, Rupp Dress ($550)

Stone Cold Fox, Marrakech Dress ($365)

Okay, okay, you caught me- so these dresses are my personal style. But, think about your favorite companies. Do you like JCrew? Banana Republic? Kate Spade? What style is YOU? Do a little online shopping or browsing through the stores and you may be surprised at what you find.  Don't feel pressured to dress like a traditional bride if it isn't your dream to be one or if it isn't you. Be you on your wedding day, that's the most important thing. Wear what you want, wedding dress or not. 


Bride Personality Types: ESFP Bride!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Marilyn Monroe toned down

Find out your Bride Personality Type here!

The Myers-Brigg Test has indicated 16 different personality types based on how people interact with the world, absorb information, make decisions, and organize thoughts.

Check out this ESFP type head!  #ESFP #mbti #myersbriggsESFP

This week we will be examining the "Entertainer" personality type!

1. This lively and playful woman is notorious for her ability to perform in front of others while using the world as her pulpit! Also known for her charming smile, this bride loves to make people happy and will do whatever it takes to see a grin from ear to ear. Leonardo DiCaprio, Megan Fox, Bill Clinton, and Marilyn Monroe are also rocking the ESFP badge along with Virgin Group tycoon, Richard Branson. One thing all these people have in common is their ability to work hard and play even harder (some better than others). But not to worry, the ESFP bride values common sense and the well-being of others!

decades later, marilyn monroe is still an inspiration....and a role model to women to show that curvy is still attractive

2. Often the center of attention, this lovely lady will have no problems making sure that her big day is starring the female lead of the evening, "Herself". She will be more than capable of taking on such a big role! This woman can improvise with the best of them and will derive all her actions from one goal in mind...FUN! "Bride Most Likely To Pull Off An Amazing Wedding On A Rainy Day, With A Missing Groom, Angry Mother-In-Law, And Aunt Fanny Filling in for the Late DJ" awarded right here! These badges are carefully reviewed before being awarded.

I want this shot.

3. Just as she is beautiful on the outside as she is inside, the ESFP bride also appreciates the aesthetics of beauty in her environment. With Interior Designer, Actress, and Physician as some of her top personality type careers, it's no surprise that she has an eye for understanding the world around her and identifying the "need". Whether it's love, nurturing, or entertainment, the ESFP woman is driven to meet those needs with a sense of flare and creativity. My elaborate-over-the-top wedding senses are tingling!!!


4. This woman's soul has a passion for life while making as many friends as possible along the way. The ESFP bride may have one of the largest weddings of all personality types with a long list of honorable and sentimental guests. Her confidence and sensuality is admirable because it exposes the amount of love she carries in her heart. Caution! The ESFP Bride will only find true happiness when she respects herself and holds strong values about the meaning of love. When she discovers this, she will be unstoppable. I'm rooting for you ESFP Bride!

Christ centered. As every good relationship should be!! Rooted in faith strengthened through Christ. Cant wait to someday share my life with a man rooted in his faith in God!!

See you next week!
Mo Hughes

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