Styling Sunday 6: The ABC's behind the "I Do's" part 2

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Hi, again!  Welcome to this week's installment of my aisle ABC's where I shall entice you with my love of backdrops.  (If you missed last week, check out my "A" post about altars here!)  Let's not waste any time.  This styling bit is easily one of my favorites...

Backdrops aren’t just for your photobooth anymore.  They are increasingly becoming more common in ceremonies.  I just might be the biggest backdrop advocate of them all.  There are so many options and so much personality in a backdrop.  It’s easier to go a little more unconventional and contemporary as far as décor and design goes because there’s really no limit.

1.  Being a hand-letterist, I beyond appreciate the upper left photo.  The time, precision and patience that took?  Incredible. To get the look, utilize a roll of paper with a favorite passage or quote written across.  Continue to unroll the paper down the aisle for maximum effect.   (Source)

2.  Interior Designer, Lindye Galloway is truly my backdrop idol.  That brightly striped Kate Spade-inspired installation was made from large PVC pipes!  Get outta here with that genius, you.  (Source)

3.  Lindye also designed that nautical "moon gate" made of teal and white painted pieces of wood.  In.  Love.  (Source)

4.  Go super modern like Jesi Haack did with an awesome mid-century inspired sunburst paired with some Eames chairs.  (The interior design student in me says, "Yes, please!")   (Source)

5./6.  Don't wanna get too crazy with the power tools?  Opt for multiple strands of flowers like those Easter lilies on the lower right (Source).  Or perhaps ribbons, lace, or lights.  That lower left lighting photo might be the most re-pinned wedding photo ever, but it's so magical and classic. (Source)

While these are all super creative and personal ideas, the possibilities are endless!  These are just a few of my favorite categories and innovative ideas.

Follow along next Sunday when I'll finish up with our "C": Canopies!  That one will be a fun one too.  Can't wait to show you what I've found.  Until then, happy styling, everyone.

xoxo, Kim

Drink Ideas for the Littles

Friday, April 24, 2015
Weddings are often an opportunity for the whole family to be together in one place, at the same time. They are a rare and cherished occasion for more than the bride and groom, but for all those in attendance, even the youngsters. We have all seen the adorable nieces and nephews make their stumbley walk down the aisle, delicately plucking one. petal. at. a . time. from their baskets, or fumbling to dig the precious metals from their pockets. And as cute as those littles are, their part in the wedding from there has largely been forgotten- until now. Browse the images below for a handful of ideas to put the spotlight back on those tiny thirsty tikes. I’m willing to bet, your aunts and uncles will snag a root-beer float too.

Janice Hussey, Food-Tastic Friday Blogger

Perfect Gift Ideas for your Girls

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I wrote last week about ideas on gifts for the mother and father of the bride and for the groom on your wedding day. But thought that I should save gift ideas for your bridesmaids for a whole separate post! So here it is! The ultimate guide to bridesmaid gifts! Now there isn’t a need to go toooo over-the-top for these gifts, because I promise you, they are already so over-the-top excited to be in your wedding! But it’s always fun to spoil your best girls a little bit. I think the most popular idea for bridesmaid gifts right now is creating a little “survival kit” for them. Including but not limited to: nail polish, chocolate, lip gloss, alcohol, mints, a little perfume, earrings, personalized shot glasses or champagne flute, maybe a few granola bars to keep em’ going, and so much more. Whatever you can think of!
Jewelry is a very traditional bridesmaid gift. Something for them to wear the day of the wedding, and also serves as a very memorable party favor for them!

Satin robes are both elegant and practical for your girls. They are perfect for everyone to wear while getting ready that morning while still looking great for pictures.

A personalized zip up sweatshirt could also serve that same purpose. Maybe have “bridesmaid” in cursive or rhinestones on the back? Just a thought…

I’ve also seen a lot of brides get personalized hangers for their bridesmaid’s dresses. I love the cursive names written in the wire, or at the top of the wooden hanger. (Another great party favor!)

And basically anything with a monogram! Flasks, wine glasses, key chains, a small tote bag, tumblers or water bottles, etc. your opportunities are endless! 

Crop Tops, Say What?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yes, you read it right.Today, I'm talking about crop tops on a wedding blog... Crop tops in wedding gowns may sound absurd or perhaps a little too Cochella for some of you, but let me tell you these midriff bearing gowns are the latest apple of my eye. Designers are jumping on board with the crop top trend. Crop top gowns are EVERYWHERE. The majority of these gowns and pieces feature bohemian accents that would tie in perfectly with an organic affair. Let me tell you- these crop tops aren't just for the boho, floral crown loving bride. Even the Audrey Hepburn in you has to get a little excited.

You may be thinking, how can you be a fan of these Rachel? Aren't these a little seductive for a wedding now? Well, yes and no ladies. These aren't for the every day bride, but if you're daring enough give these a try. They are fashion forward, but add a just a bit vintage flair to your wedding day. Believe it or not, the classic structures of the skirts provide a timeless look. They look classy, fashion forward, and will leave you're guests and fiancé breathless. I'm a fan, if you aren't convinced yet take a look for yourself. Ready, set, okay- you can go ahead and gush now. 

So grab your inner Cochella and Audrey and head down to your nearest bridal store. DO IT.



Bride Personality Types: ISFP Bride

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
What's your Bride Personality Type? Take the test here to find out!

This week we will be exploring the warm and sensitive soul of the ISFP bride! (Intuitive, Sensory, Feelings, Perceiving). Ladies, get your romantic comedies, Netflix snacks, and sweat pants because this bride is going to take us on a comfy-cozy ride!

Check out this ISFP type head!  #ISFP #mbti myersbriggs Stressors that get me spinning: check out this ISFP stress head! #mbti #myersbriggs

1. This bride likes to help people in tangible ways, meaning she's a hands-on kinda gal! These hands can make magic happen! She is actually known as "the artist" and "the sensationalist" due to her creative nature. The artist is incredibly in tune with the way things feel, appear, taste, and smell. "Bride most likely to have delectable appetizers, spritzers, desserts, and wedding cake" awarded right here!

 2. This lovely lady loves nature due to its vivid detail that can keep this introverted intellectual mind busy. It also provides a nice escape for her to ponder and think which happens to be one of her favorite past-times. Throughout her wedding planning process, she will want to work at a steady pace and live in the here-and-now. This bride will enjoy a mystical fantasy forest themed wedding, an ocean-side wedding, and an outdoor vineyard wedding as some of her favorites!
Real Flower Wedding Hair | Whimsical Enchanted Forest Wedding Dream On Soft Beds Of Green | Photograph by What a Day! Photography
3. If there is anything this woman distastes more than environmentally-unfriendly people, it's conflict and pressure. While she loves to help people, this ISFP bride is going to need a team of her own. She admires the uniqueness in others and is sensitive to their needs, making her a wonderful friend. This bride may only have a few close friends, but they will be the drivers to make sure she meets all the important deadlines to ensure she has her dream wedding!

  Personalized Bridesmaid Hangers - Engraved Wood Hangers - Engraved by delovely details
4. The ISFP bride's ceremony will be meaningful therefore, it will only accompany her nearest and dearest family and friends. Her peaceful soul craves balance and freedom while she navigates the complexities of her own thoughts. The ISFP woman is incredibly thoughtful and will be sure to pull off a wedding full of love, compassion, and charm to ensure her guests feel right at home while she embarks one of the most special moments in her life.

See you next week!
Mo Hughes

Feel free to tell me your personality type in the mean time!

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