Bride Personality Types: INTJ Bride!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beautiful Veil This is a really good idea for pics....wish I had done this. The lace I bought from bridal store downtown Columbus in 1970 was from France and was $45 dollars a yard. I planned out even square inch that I bought...ctc

The Myers-Brigg Test has indicated 16 different personality
types based on how people interact with the world,
absorb information, make decisions, and organize thoughts.

Find your Bride Personality Type here!

Check out this INTJ type head! #INTJ #mbti myersbriggsStressors that get me spinning: check out this INTJ stress head! #mbti #myersbriggs

This week is the "Mastermind" INTJ personality type!

1. This complex woman has a head full of knowledge, facts, and conclusions that were stored in her database long before the rest of us had to time to even notice. The INTJ bride loves intellectual connections, witty sarcasm, and rationality. When something peaks her interest, she will devotedly focus on it. This is why "love" typically unnerves INTJ's because it will expose uncharted territory...EMOTIONS! But don't get your hopes up. INTJ's are not easy to impress and it takes a series of tests to gain their trust. In fact, it is such a feat that every person who passes is honored the "I Won The Heart Of an INTJ" badge!

love this shot

2. The INTJ bride will not only have logically high expectations for her wedding, but also for herself. She's a strategizer and takes great pride in her ability to make the right decisions. In fact, INTJ's are notorious for their temperament when other people try to make decisions for them. CAUTION! Change is not a pleasant concept for this bride-to-be so everything has to stay according to plan....or else! Some INTJ's that might help you understand how serious and brilliant they can be include actress Jodie Foster, physicist Stephen Hawking, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. INTJ's are especially rare, with INTJ women taking up less than 1% of women in the whole world.

How picturesque is this photo, and the sweeping veil, pure beauty: | Photography: Christian Oth -

3. INTJ women are typically book worms and enjoy having long theoretical conversations in their head for fun. Seriously folks, that's how fast their brains work, to the point where they will even re-enact conversations from years ago to strategize what they should've said. "Bride Most Likely To Win Every Debate With Her Lucky Husband Badge" awarded right here! (My favorite badge). But let's be real, the INTJ woman is a smart woman indeed therefore, the husband she marries will be smart enough to know that that us women are always right (insert innocent wink face).

Heart wedding signage | Ashley Gerrity Photography | see more on:

4. Being such an anomaly, INTJ women may find it hard to discover friends they can identify with. Partly because they have a unique creative side that they not dare expose too often due to the risk of criticism (which if you value your ego's bottom, I would not attempt). With this exciting discovery, I sense a surprisingly intimate and whimsical wedding that the INTJ bride concocted from her countless sleepless nights spent thinking about the big day! I adore you INTJ bride, you are a wonderful puzzle that will be solved by your equally intriguing soul mate.

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See you next week!
Mo Hughes

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