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Thursday, May 21, 2015
When deciding what to get your guests as party favors, a big thing that you should consider is whether or not they will actually use or keep them. Because if it's something they'll throw away right when they get home, then it's a total waste of your money! Even though it may still be a very cute idea! Here's a few ideas of seriously useful, still adorable, party favor ideas for your wedding!

-Flip-flops, the perfect gift to use during the wedding and afterwards. Set a basket right around the dance floor for your guests to take off their painful shoes to dance the night away. Make sure you have enough sizes for all of your guests though!

-Koozies, awesome. Everyone needs a good coozie! And you can never have too many!

-Koozies, awesome. Everyone needs a good coozie!

-Succulents, the most adorable kind of plant. What is cuter than a small little succulent inside an itty bitty container? Perfect for any place, around the house or on their office desk to add a little greenery!

-Liqour, miniature bottles of alcohol are both adorable and very useful.

-Customized M&M's , you can turn your M&M's to say almost anything you want! And you can print pictures on one side too!

-Macaroons, because well, I think that I can speak for everyone in saying that they are the tastiest and cutest sweet treat! You could wrap 3 or 4 of them in a cute container with a tag and ribbon and they're ready!

-Candles, very useful. Choose a your favorite scent that may be significant for the two of you, and everyone will be able to enjoy it!

-Lotto Tickets! I love this idea. Because "for richer or poorer", am I right?? Though, they aren't very appealing to look at, so maybe wrap them up in a pretty envelope so that they aren't as tacky looking!

-Lip Balm, because you can really never have enough lip balms in your purse or pocket or car, or really anywhere! Truly a very useful party favor!

Now you don't have to use any of these ideas, but if you want to make sure that your money is being put to good use these may do the job for ya!

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