Styling Sunday 8: Motherly Love

Sunday, May 10, 2015
Happiest of Mother's Days to you all!  Moms, Sisters, Cousins, Step-Moms, Foster-Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Expectant-Moms, Second-Moms, Mothers-In-Law, Godmothers... whatever kind of extraordinary woman you celebrate today, I hope it's a time spent with abundant love. 

Today's Styling Sunday post is not your typical design post.  Rather, it's brought to you from images I've scoured and collected from Pinterest and Instagram.  I unabashedly follow hundreds of users on these social media platforms because I am in constant need of an influx of creative inspiration. 

One Instagram feed in particular that I'm crazy about is @thefoxandthesparrow. This particular inspiration feed does not directly deal with weddings, but rather mothers and children.  As women and brides and mothers (or potentially future-mothers), I wanted to share with you these images filled with "femininity, motherhood, tenderness, and strength. All the things that make you beautiful."  (The Fox and the Sparrow)  Examples of their sessions are shown below in the mood board; along with inspirational photos honoring the special ladies in your life on your big day. 

After all, these women made you who you are today.  They shaped and molded you, taught you, laughed with you, dried your tears and shared your memories.  Some of these women even raised the perfect version of your other half for you.  Now let's experience a sample of all mothers' unconditional love as we look over these touching images I've cultivated for you...

Happy Mother's Day.

xoxo, Kim

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