More Sprinkles, Please!

Friday, May 22, 2015

A dash here, and a touch there, a tad bit here, and a little sprinkle there; we are all looking for ways to add that something extra to our wedding day and the events surrounding it, from rehearsal dinners to next day brunches. Your pins and posts make it obvious that this task can be as daunting or as simple as you choose, so be sure it’s something you’ll be happy with even when the church bells stop ringing. Sticking with a fun and colorful food-tastic twist will get your bridal team in high spirits, and keep them excited and anticipatory about what’s next to come. There are few things more fun and colorful than rainbow sprinkles, so add a dash here, and a touch there, a tab bit more here, and don’t forget a little sprinkle over there! Pick out your favorite sprinkle something from the images below, or share your idea of the perfect use of sprinkles with us!

Janice Hussey, Food-tastic Friday Blogger

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