How to personalize your wedding ceremony?

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Although your wedding day is filled with significant moments, the ceremony is the pinnacle of the entire celebration. It's the reason everyone has joined together, and it's more than just a formality. Whether you're having a religious or secular service, your ceremony is your chance to express who you are as a couple; you can personalize your readings, add rituals that have significance for you, or even infuse your love story throughout the service. Here, officiants share some of the most creative touches their couples have been adding to their ceremonies lately.

  • Tell your love story, how your met and fell in love.
  • Why not ask your guests to get into the action by adding a passage in your program for everyone to read out loud or vows for your guests to recite to help you have a successful and loving marriage.
  •   Write your own unique vows that captures your love and commitment to one another.

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