Podcast Show Notes Episode 2: “Damage Control Ninjas”

Saturday, May 16, 2015

This week Lori, Kim, and Lindsey discuss potential wedding disasters and how the Elegant Affairs team can help you manage them. Topics include vendor no shows, decoration fiascos, forgotten/missing items, beauty blunders, family drama, and wedding crashers.

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Topic 1: Vendor no shows
·     Lori and Kim discuss a wedding where the DJ sent a substitute DJ in his place and how they handled this situation
·     One important note: know your contract clauses, especially cancellation/no show policies

Topic 2: Wrong items/color
·     Ex: one bride’s cake was delivered in white when it was supposed to be pink. Sometimes mistakes end up being “happy accidents”
·     The wedding planner and bridal party can calm bride down
·     Elegant Affairs also has a full staff to handle such problems. They are almost always prepared to fix it or find an alternative to make your day special no matter what.
·     Read vendor reviews to get an idea of what their service is like
·     Whether you have a good or bad experience with a vendor write your own reviews as well. This may help other couples in the future.
·     Family/Friends and business- be careful, you may think you are getting a deal, but this may impact your relationships if they cannot deliver what you expect. Trust your instincts. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
·     Always get contracts even if it is a friend or family member providing services. This ensures you get what you want.
·     Inventory supplies you want to bring, make check lists.
·     EA has gotten supplies from houses and can run errands within close proximity of the venue if needed.
·     Make sure to proofread table listing/layouts. Always double check final counts to make sure no one is missing.
Topic 3: Beauty blunders
·     Avoid misunderstandings about styling by getting trials beforehand. Be honest if you do not like it.
·     Elegant Affairs carries an emergency kit- they take suggestions for items to have on hand 
·     Ex: pants splitting, assistance/sewing buttons, hair and make up touch ups.
·     Make sure the groom and groomsmen try suits several days before to ensure proper fit and time for alterations.
·     Final dress fitting, bring 2 people to help bustle. It’s not that easy!

Topic 4: People problems
·     What to do about unlisted plus one’s
·     Some vendors need firm numbers esp. caterer. How early to get RSVPs
·     Current trend is that people who rsvp are actually showing up
·     How to deal with wedding crashers, drunk guests, family issues, divorced parents
·     Bridal party drama: remember it’s a privilege to be in someone’s wedding
·     It’s ok to say no to an offer for bride’s maid/groomsman. They will understand
·     Plan ahead for transportation/traffic

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