Styling Sunday 7: The ABC's Behind the "I Do's" Part 3

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Hello, my friends.  Today we finish the last post of my "ABC's behind the "I Do's."  This week we get to discuss "C": Canopies!  If you need a little refresher on my past two installments, see "A" for altars here and "B" for backdrops here!

I’d have to say that canopies are the most popular choice for the ceremony.  It’s a classic design seen in a variety of ways: an arch, arbor, or chuppah.  What the heck, Kim?  What’s the difference?  Well, they are all quite similar as they all derive from being a canopy above you.  An arch is rounded while an arbor tends to be more rectilinear.  A chuppah is traditionally seen in Jewish ceremonies and symbolizes the home you and your spouse will build together.  A chuppah consists of four poles with a cloth “roof” as its covering.  (PS, after much rigorous research on the pronunciation of that word, it can be said as CHUP-uh or KOOP-uh.  It can also be spelled without the “c” and be pronounced HUP-uh.  So, there ya go.  I knew you might’ve been curious like me.)  Adorn your canopy with greenery or florals for a wonderfully romantic feel.  Or leave it bare to focus on the simplistic beauty of your union.  It's up to you!  Any way you choose to decorate this element will end up looking timeless because of the canopy's classic design.
Well, that concludes my "style the aisle" ABC's!  Hope you all enjoyed the various ways to get creative with your ceremony space.  After all, that's the place where you say your vows, pledge your love and start your forever! 

Happy Sunday, you guys.
xoxo, Kim

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