Styling Sunday 5: The ABC's behind the "I Do's"

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Behind the “I do’s” are memories, history and a magical love story that’s all your own.  But, quite literally, what’s behind you?  What will you choose to surround you and your partner as you say your vows?  I’ve broken it down into three simple categories: A, B and C.  Altars, Backdrops and Canopies! Oh my!  These design aspects are a great way to introduce your wedding's theme because the ceremony is usually the first item on the agenda, am I right?  How you style your aisle really sets the tone.

At first I thought about giving you all the low-down on all three categories today, but I thought I'd better stretch out the process over three weeks and give you one letter at a time.  More dedication to each category that way.  So, today: Altars!

Out of the three categories, altars are the least common.  They aren't often seen in weddings these days.  At least, not often in the weddings I've worked.  Sometimes they are seen in addition to a canopy, but usually not on their own.  Despite their rarity, they are beautiful just the same.  They are traditionally used in religious ceremonies or rituals.  Altars are typically flat tables where perhaps flowers, a unity candle or other ceremonial trinkets are placed.  If your wedding takes place in a church, obviously an altar will make an appearance.  Don’t let their origins fool you, though.  You can easily utilize a console table or vintage buffet for your outdoor wedding.  Even a faux-fireplace makes for a pretty alternative.  There is much beauty in the simplicity of a bare altar, but piling on dense strands of flowers, leaves or candles is quite exquisite, too.  (That elaborate tree stump altar! Be still, my heart!)
(Click for sources: Soft Pink Altar , Fireplace Mantle, Cross Table, Woodland Tree Stump Altar)

Stay tuned for next week's post about our "B" of the ABC's: Backdrops!  Oh, I just cant wait!  Those are my fave!  Until next Sunday, my stylists.
xoxo, Kim

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