Guest Book Alternatives

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anyone who has attended a wedding in the past few years I’m sure has noticed that the common guestbook has completely changed and there have been many creative alternatives to take its place! Regardless of how you choose to have your guests sign in, I definitely think at least having something simple is necessary so that you can always keep the memories of your guests on your big day! A few of the more simple ideas that I have seen include having your guests sign one of your blown-up engagement photos, finger prints to fill a picture frame of a growing tree or balloons, or a guest book plate! All of these options are super easy to make! But then there are some more elaborate ideas that are some of my favorites. A puzzle! Having a blown up engagement picture created into a puzzle, then have guests sign the back. A guest book quilt. Hang a rather plain quilt with small different colored squares all over, have your guests sign a square, and then use it for endless cuddles with your love! Creating your own Jenga game and have guests sign each block. One of my favorites, a “date jar” for guests to write down what their favorite date is that they think the new married couple should try! And my absolute favorite idea is to create a time capsule for you and your husband for your 1 year, 5 year, and or 10 year anniversary! Have guests write down a piece of advice, some kind words, or anything that they would like into your time capsule and you then wait to open it for your anniversary! I’ve also seen a lot of Polaroid pictures for guest books, and the most elaborate was from a winter wedding where guests signed paper snowflake ornaments and placed them on two frosty Christmas trees, gorgeous! There’s really so many different ways that you can create your own personal idea for a guest book, there are only a few of my favorite ones! 

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