Destination Wedding Spots: Historical Italian Churches- Religious Ceremonies

Saturday, April 18, 2015
Ciao from Italia!
I am currently in the midst of studying abroad in Rome, Italy! From the beginning of April to mid-June I will be spending my time studying, traveling throughout Italy as well as in nearby countries, and finding the most beautiful and unique wedding destination spots to share with all of you! From historical churches to outdoor venues Italy has so much to offer you on your special day. If you are interested in having your own destination wedding or are simply intrigued with the beauty and history behind these venues be sure to keep an eye out for my posts!

One of my first days in Rome, Italy we had a walking tour throughout the city, highlighting places such as the Pantheon, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and San Clemente. Though these specific churches are reserved for religious ceremonies rather than civil ones, you are able to arrange your wedding in all public churches within Rome. If you are a devout Catholic and Rome is your calling I would highly advise looking into any one of these beautiful and historically rich locations.

The Pantheon was built during a 3 year period between 27 BC and 14 AD by Marcus Agrippa and was later destroyed and rebuilt in the year 110 AD. From the outside view, the Pantheon consists of 16, 39 by 5 foot granite columns.  Directly in front of the building is a beautiful 16th century marble fountain “Fontana del Pantheon”, (an excellent photo op!) From the inside, the 150 foot diameter circular room is engulfed in lavish textiles, engravings, and sculptures that are meticulously painted in soft neutral colors. There is a hole in the center of the dome shaped roof, allowing for fresh air and natural light to fill the room (be sure to consider the weather if booking a ceremony, a potential down pour might call for a pair or two of rain-boots). Between two massive grooved marble columns, opposite of the entrance, lies the extravagant high alter, covered in marble. The high alter also contains a copy of the 13th century icon of the Madonna. If you are a historical buff looking for a religious ceremony in Rome, Italy the Pantheon may be everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

*Pictures below were taken during my visit to the Pantheon!

Watch out for the next addition to wedding destinations as I will be traveling north of Rome to the City of Water, Venice!

Till next time,
Lauren Zehnder

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