Styling Sunday 4: Marsala for Spring

Sunday, April 12, 2015
Pantone announced Marsala as 2015's Color of the Year a few months ago.  With its deep berry tones and burgundy-rooted wine hues, it's easy to imagine Marsala in an autumn or winter setting.  When paired with harvest colors and nature's automatic color palette of fallen leaves, Marsala seems at home during the autumn months.  With soft, sparkling whites, deep greens and a snowy backdrop, Marsala's rich red tones really pop in winter.  So what about spring?  How would one incorporate this darker, dynamic shade in the season that leans toward pastel tones and stereotypical brights or lights? 

Think soft.  Think worn ballet slippers, delicate lace and a creamy, foamy latte.  Imagine a secret garden filled with gorgeous blooming roses and cascading ivy vines.  Think undone and loose.  Create this ultimate romantic spring color palette with Marsala, dusty rose, ballet-slipper pink, light peach and soft cream.  All of the femininity of the pink neutrals seem more balanced with the deeper and more sophisticated Marsala.  For more masculine textures, add warm grey tweed or rich brown leather.  This vintage-y combo sounds just as delicious as those beautiful, delectable rose cupcakes down there... Yummm.

I don't know about you, but I think I need a giant slice of red velvet cake with some delightfully buttery frosting right about now...

Happy Sunday, friends.  And happy styling with the berry-colored beauty of Marsala!
xoxo, Kim

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