Styling Sunday 3: An Elegant Easter

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Happy Easter, my Sunday Stylists.  Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing day filled with bunnies, jellybeans, egg hunts and family fun.  This week I wanted to keep it short and sweet with images inspired by all things relating to Easter and spring.  In the spirit of my Pinterest-type board below, I invite you to follow Elegant Affairs here if you haven't already!  Don't miss out on a single pin!  We love that site just as much as you, we promise.  ;)  So, if you're planning an event or wedding for this season of new beginnings, there are tons of ideas that you can pull from this concept without being over-the-top, cliché "Easter." 

For example (as shown above), you could have little cuddle bunnies as cake toppers; rabbit ears as ring holders; birds nests as centerpieces; egg shells as "vases" or even leafy carrots incorporated into your floral arrangements.  Pastels tend to dominate this season but to freshen up that idea or stray from the norm a little bit, think of color palettes inspired by nature instead.  Creams or blues inspired by eggshells or fluffy bunny tails; soft pinks or yellows from tulips or spring flowers; tans and browns from twigs or nests; and maybe even daring shades of orange inspired by carrots!  Easter is rooted in the idea of re-birth, so don't be afraid to give new life to your idea of spring décor!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday, my friends.
xoxo, Kim

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