Perfect Gift Ideas for your Girls

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I wrote last week about ideas on gifts for the mother and father of the bride and for the groom on your wedding day. But thought that I should save gift ideas for your bridesmaids for a whole separate post! So here it is! The ultimate guide to bridesmaid gifts! Now there isn’t a need to go toooo over-the-top for these gifts, because I promise you, they are already so over-the-top excited to be in your wedding! But it’s always fun to spoil your best girls a little bit. I think the most popular idea for bridesmaid gifts right now is creating a little “survival kit” for them. Including but not limited to: nail polish, chocolate, lip gloss, alcohol, mints, a little perfume, earrings, personalized shot glasses or champagne flute, maybe a few granola bars to keep em’ going, and so much more. Whatever you can think of!
Jewelry is a very traditional bridesmaid gift. Something for them to wear the day of the wedding, and also serves as a very memorable party favor for them!

Satin robes are both elegant and practical for your girls. They are perfect for everyone to wear while getting ready that morning while still looking great for pictures.

A personalized zip up sweatshirt could also serve that same purpose. Maybe have “bridesmaid” in cursive or rhinestones on the back? Just a thought…

I’ve also seen a lot of brides get personalized hangers for their bridesmaid’s dresses. I love the cursive names written in the wire, or at the top of the wooden hanger. (Another great party favor!)

And basically anything with a monogram! Flasks, wine glasses, key chains, a small tote bag, tumblers or water bottles, etc. your opportunities are endless! 

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