Monday's Tip: Use of Post It Notes

Monday, April 6, 2015

When trying to plan a wedding there are a million things to do. Finding a venue, ordering flowers, and sending out invitations are just a few tasks on a list a mile long.  So how do you keep track of everything you need to do? A system that I grew up with, taught to me by my very own mom is the Post-it note system. While it may seem strange, having a stack of post it notes with you at all times can be extremely beneficial. Post it notes can be used when planning a wedding in a variety of ways.
1)  Since Post-it notes are sticky, you can put them up just about anywhere in your house reminding you to call the caterer, or pick up your invitations and when you have completed the task on the Post-it you can just take it down and throw it away.
2)  Post-it notes are also very handy when setting up for your event. If you are doing more of a DIY wedding and making your own food then set out all of your serving dishes and whatever else you can pre set up and place a Post It note describing what goes in each dish. This makes it so that practically anyone can help you the day of and everyone will know what goes where with no confusion.
3)  If you are always carrying around a stack of Post-it notes than you will always have something to write on for any ideas that just pop into your head and you want to jot down.
I use Post-it notes in my everyday life and find them to be extremely beneficial. Imagine how much organized you could feel with something as simple as a stack of Post-it notes. Who knows you may even want to personalize some Post-it notes and give them away as wedding favors because hey, who couldn’t use a little more organization in their life?
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