Monday's Tip: How flowers add to your wedding vision

Monday, April 13, 2015
Flowers are a great way to add color and décor to a wedding, but let’s face it flowers can be expensive. So how do you incorporate flowers into your wedding without breaking the bank? I have a few really easy ways to cut cost on flowers.
1. Flowers that are in season tend to be a lot cheaper than those out of season. Think outside the box and go for something other than something traditional, like roses. Roses are going to be overpriced and using other flowers will show off your unique personality much better and sometimes other flowers can be easier to match to the colors of your wedding.
2. Instead of going through a florist, go to a flower market and buy flowers in bulk and make your own arrangements. Not only will you be getting exactly what you want but, you will be cutting the cost of the middleman and you will be getting your flowers at wholesale prices.
3. A great way to save money on flowers is giving the arrangements dual uses. If you want to use the arrangements in the ceremony space, bring them to the dining area right after the wedding to add to the décor. This will save you a ton of money because you will not be spending double on arrangements.
4. If you really do not want to use your budget on flowers, try doing a lot of greenery. You can find greenery for super cheap and it really livens up a space.
5. If you are having a wedding in the spring or summer, choose an outdoor venue where nature can be the natural décor and you will not need to have as many flower arrangements.

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