Food-Tastic Friday: Edible Plants

Friday, April 3, 2015

Last week, I presented some of the traditional and unexpected ways that fruits can be utilized in weddings; and this week, we are going to follow that trend with a twist on one of the most standard wedding décor selections: the flowers. Your choice of flowers helps create a tone for your wedding, better defines your color scheme, and often is the most clear connection tying everything from the groom’s boutonniere to the reception centerpieces together. But don’t stop there. Leave it to me to remind you that your guests will ooh and awe when you bring that touch of design to their dinner plates and drink glasses.

Edible flowers are a stunningly simple addition to your signature cocktail, whether they are cut and placed delicately afloat; or individually frozen and submerged within. Many edible flowers and plants have little to no taste, while others have a little pop and kick of flavor- so you have plenty of options when selecting how you want to incorporate your edible décor onto your guests’ plates.

Maybe you were born a bohemian flower child, or maybe you’re more of a secret garden girl? Either way, you can’t go wrong giving your food and drink a little flower power.

Janice Hussey, Food-Tastic Friday Blogger

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