How to choose your wedding style?

Monday, April 20, 2015
When planning a wedding a bride has so many choices that can be completely overwhelming and before any planning can start she must decide on a wedding style. Does she want a formal black tie affair or a romantic whimsical, outdoorsy style wedding? Once you decide on your style, the actual planning of the wedding will be much easier. In order to choose a style there are a couple of questions you should ask.

1) What time of year do I want my wedding? You most likely would not want to have an outdoor forest wedding in the middle of December, so the time of year matters to the specific style of wedding you want.

 2)Next ask yourself if you want a really big wedding or a more intimate affair.
3)When thinking about my wedding, what three adjectives come to mind? If your adjectives are elegant, classy, and modern your wedding style will be much different from a wedding that is casual, relaxed, and festive. 

4) Knowing what time of year you want your wedding can also help you pick the colors of your wedding. If you choose to get married in October than oranges, olive greens, and deep plum purples would be an excellent color scheme. You probably will not be seeing a lot of baby pink and light green in a fall/winter wedding.

5) Lastly, decide if you want a wedding planner, and if you do want one decide how much you want the planner to be involved. Having a wedding planner can take so much of the stress away. They will be that middleman to deal with all the vendors and make it so you have a fun and stress free wedding planning process. Not to mention they will be your saving grace come your actual wedding day. Let’s face it, who wants to be setting up there own tables and going on ice runs the day of their wedding. A wedding planner is also a great choice because they can help you figure out what you want if you are not completely sure.

Every bride is different and no matter what they choose, as long as the bride is happy you really cannot go wrong.


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zerry ht said...

Very true! Before starting wedding planning, the couple must decide on a wedding theme so that wedding arrangements can be done accordingly. My cousin is also getting married and she keeps on getting suggestions from her event coordinator on latest in-fashion themes.

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