Styling Sunday 6: The ABC's behind the "I Do's" Part 2

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Hi, again!  Welcome to this week's installment of my aisle ABC's where I shall entice you with my love of backdrops.  (If you missed last week, check out my "A" post about altars here!)  Let's not waste any time.  This styling bit is easily one of my favorites...

Backdrops aren’t just for your photobooth anymore.  They are increasingly becoming more common in ceremonies.  I just might be the biggest backdrop advocate of them all.  There are so many options and so much personality in a backdrop.  It’s easier to go a little more unconventional and contemporary as far as décor and design goes because there’s really no limit.

1.  Being a hand-letterist, I beyond appreciate the upper left photo.  The time, precision and patience that took?  Incredible. To get the look, utilize a roll of paper with a favorite passage or quote written across.  Continue to unroll the paper down the aisle for maximum effect.   (Source)

2.  Interior Designer, Lindye Galloway is truly my backdrop idol.  That brightly striped Kate Spade-inspired installation was made from large PVC pipes!  Get outta here with that genius, you.  (Source)

3.  Lindye also designed that nautical "moon gate" made of teal and white painted pieces of wood.  In.  Love.  (Source)

4.  Go super modern like Jesi Haack did with an awesome mid-century inspired sunburst paired with some Eames chairs.  (The interior design student in me says, "Yes, please!")   (Source)

5./6.  Don't wanna get too crazy with the power tools?  Opt for multiple strands of flowers like those Easter lilies on the lower right (Source).  Or perhaps ribbons, lace, or lights.  That lower left lighting photo might be the most re-pinned wedding photo ever, but it's so magical and classic. (Source)

While these are all super creative and personal ideas, the possibilities are endless!  These are just a few of my favorite categories and innovative ideas.

Follow along next Sunday when I'll finish up with our "C": Canopies!  That one will be a fun one too.  Can't wait to show you what I've found.  Until then, happy styling, everyone.

xoxo, Kim

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