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Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Pacific Northwest weather has been spoiling us as of late, and I am not complaining one bit. In fact, I am loving every minute of this sunshine and am getting so excited for what summer has in store for us. Summer weddings can be so versatile in their glamour, with weddings fit for the Fancy Nancy’s or for the Junie B’s . But even our sweet plain Jane can’t resist a chilled bite of fresh seafood on a warm summer day. There’s just something about digging into dinner with your bare hands that is so much more exciting than the option of chicken or steak. Avoid a heavy dinner of standard spuds and allow your guests to slurp oysters and dip shrimp to their hearts desire.. I’m willing to bet your guests will thank you without words, but rather with their moves and grooves on that dance floor. Don’t wait: start designing your seafood ice sculpture Ms. Fancy Nancy, or wake early to greet the paper boy Ms. Junie B., you’re going to need a few of The Seattle Times Sunday papers to lay out on those picnic tables.

Janice Hussey, Food-Tastic Friday Blogger

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