Food-Tastic ideas for a Fiesta

Friday, May 1, 2015

My parents have been married for over thirty years, and celebrate their wedding vows each year in September. They are not a pair to make anything a big ordeal, and are leery about drawing the attention towards them unnecessarily. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in middle school or even high school when I learned that my parents’ wedding and my dad’s birthday share the same spot on the calendar.

I share my birthday spotlight with Cinco de Mayo, or rather I should say my birthday is in the spotlight because it is on Cinco de Mayo! Birthday dinners were always held at my favorite Mexican restaurants, sometimes with the sombrero but always with the “Feliz cumpleaƱos a ti,” and the piƱata on my 21st was no surprise, a huge a hit.

You can’t deny a good time when it comes to Cinco de Mayo (I know from personal experience.) So make room on your calendar for both- and use some of these fiesta inspired food-tastic ideas to spice up your life. 

7-layer-dip is a fiesta standard

Mini Tacos and Patron?
I'll take the whole tray, please. 

Anticipate long lines. Plan for an additional food-truck,
or a mariachi band to keep guests entertained while they wait.

Use this iconic bottle instead of place cards,
or as a last reminder of the day as favors.
See you next Friday!
Janice Hussey, Friday Food-Tastic Blogger

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