How To Have The Grandest Exit

Thursday, May 28, 2015
Right behind walking down the aisle and your grand entrance to the reception, your grand exit is a fun and seriously important part of your wedding! Though, the other day I learned that the old tradition of throwing rice for the bride and groom as they leave is actually a really bad thing to do! (Sorry in advance for getting all dark and cruel) I read an article about how birds will get to the rice the next morning after the wedding and die from swallowing it! Supposedly, when the birds eat the rice, the rice ends up expanding in their stomachs and according to Google, the birds then "explode". (Yes, explode...) I don't know how I feel about that myth though, I'd like to see some facts. But still, not very safe for birds! So if possible, lets's try and avoid throwing rice for your wedding... Instead, I've got a list of 10 amazing ideas for guests to have or toss as you make your grand exit!

Before you get ready to leave, make sure to say your goodbyes and hugs to everyone and have a super awesome last song for your guests to finish off the night dancing to. Make it a great, friends-honoring song to enjoy while everyone has one last hug-it-out dance with you two before you leave. While saying your goodbyes, have someone pull the car around so it's ready to go! (Or call a cab, round up the bicycle, call in the horses). The exit will need to be announced for guests to gather and watch. (Note: have the DJ or someone on a mic do this, It might be pretty awkward if you're the one making the announcement) Also have them announce where they should be going, and what they should be doing, grabbing, or throwing for the grand exit (see list below!).

1. Sparklers are a very popular, very classic choice to have for an exit. Plus, you get some seriously amazing, time-stood-still pictures out of it!

2. Bubbles, also very popular and very cute. I think you will need to have a lot of people blowing them to have the full effect though! If you have a small wedding, maybe have a bubble machine to have more than enough (Will also leave the kiddos at the wedding entertained for hours) 

3. Streamers, sort of self explanatory. Very classic, fun and colorful! Have guests bring out their inner Middle School TP days and toss rolls of steamers in the air.

4. Confetti! Similar to the streamers, fun and colorful. Maybe even get confetti poppers! (Note: maybe look into some eco-friendly confetti, love it.) And make sure to check with your venue regarding their rules.

5. Lavender looks very similar to rice when its thrown in the air, small and delicate. But it smells heavenly! Bonus! 

6. Small wild flowers, perfect for a bohemian wedding. And I'm sure would make for very cool pictures. Or just petals would be simple and classic as well.

7. Glitter or sequins, might be serious pain in the butt for someone to have to clean up, but that's not for you to worry about! This is perfect for a very glam bride, I love this idea!

8. Balloons- if your exit is at night time, you could track down some glow in the dark balloons, how cool! 

9. Glow Sticks would also be cool if you were intrigued by the glow in the dark balloons!

10. Paper Lanterns, I am a SERIOUS sucker for this beautiful tradition. Have guests light and set off their lanterns right before you two for some perfect pictures, everyone cheer and hug, and then you're off!

And one extra! If this post really inspired you to change the tradition of throwing rice at your grand exit, and you are now feeling really awful for those birds, throw birdseed!! Still looks like rice in the air, might be a pain to brush out of your hair, but your helping out those little guys instead of hurting them. (R.I.P. to all the birds lost in the making of those exits) 

XO Jenny

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