Fancy a short wedding dress?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Short dresses are coming back into style, thank goodness! I've been a fan of the retro styled short dresses for years now. It's just a little bit quirky, full of sass, but screams elegance. Short dresses can come in all types of looks. They can have clean classic lines mimicking the 50's and 60's or sultry details full of lace bringing forth the vintage undertones. Short dresses are taking weddings by storms, and are not just for the vintage styled bride. All weddings can happily feature a short dress on the bride. These are versatile and come in all different styles to fit your special day and personal style. Before you discount these darling dresses, browse through some dresses yourself. It may bring out a side of you that you haven't seen before. 


Anonymous said...

Nice dresses! I like all the dresses and short dresses are so stylish. It’s gives different look to the bride also and bride gets rid off form heavy wedding dresses. It’s really great idea.

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Jason Ellis said...

Wonderful collection of short wedding dresses I have seen here . They are really looking so pretty and will be best for the wear in parties. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blogs here with us.
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