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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I get a lot of questions about fashion from my brides and friends. I thought- what better way to send off this Wednesday blog post without some good ole' fashioned questions and answers, from me! I have compiled the questions that people most frequently asked me in today's post.

Q: I want to loose weight before my wedding, should I order my wedding dress to my desired size?
A: NO! Never order to the size you think you may be prior to your wedding. I can't tell you how many times brides have purchased dresses to small, and then are up the creek without a paddle. Purchase a dress that is your size NOW. Get it tailored once you go into your fittings. It's better to have a dress fit you now, than no fit you later.

Q: My dress fits, do I really have to go to a fitting?
A: Yes, meeting with a seamstress will make your dress fit to perfection. They will make the dress fit you perfectly rather than just fit you well.

Q: I'm going to order my dress online, but I've never heard of the store. Good idea?
A: I'm going to say no. Ordering online, works if you order with a designer that you know or a company that is highly respected. The problem with gowns, is that no two designers make their dresses fit or sizing the same. You may be a size 12 in Oleg Cassini, but who knows what size you are in a Maggie Soterro. Go to the boutique before you buy online, then you can get a feel for the designers.

Q: Preserving dresses, yes or no?
A: Preserving dresses can be spendy. Unless your planning on allowing your daughter to wear it, or plan on wearing it at a later time, I would say skip the preservation. It's pretty spendy for a dress packed tightly in a box. You can resell your dress or even donate it to a good cause. I mean will you ever truly wear your wedding dress again?

Q: Do I need the shoes I'm going to wear when I purchase my gown?
A: No, but you will need your shoes for your fitting. Also, remember if you plan on changing into flip flops after the ceremony, you'll need some sandals with an added lift. If your heels are 4 inches tall, you don't want your dress hem dragging once you take them off.

That's all for today folks. Enjoy your hump day.



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