The Non-Wedding Gown

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Ladies, just because you're getting married doesn't mean that you need to have a ball gown. A lot of you out there might think that you must fit in this wedding dress box in order to be a classic bride. Go ahead and break free of those chains, because you don't have to purchase an actual wedding gown.
Wedding dresses aren't only found at wedding boutiques or mass retailers. They don't have to be designed by a wedding dress designer or have taffeta, typical wedding lace or tulle. Wedding dresses can be whatever you want and from wherever you want. If there is a company that you currently shop at that correctly displays your style as a woman and a bride- go for it. Buy a dress that is YOU.

Now, for my favorite part, shopping.

Enter, Free People. Oh, Free People, how I love thee. Free People is a boho inspired company that is for the bride that is free spirited and may want something chic, but effortless. These are not wedding gowns, but you will see that given the right styling and details, these have wedding written all over them.

Free People, The Wren Gown ($3,500)

Free People, Lillian Gown ($4,000)

One of my next favorite companies to do my shopping with is called Stone Cold Fox. Stone Cold Fox has a similar style to Free People, but has more of a 70's essence to the clothing design and style. These dresses are absolutely stunning and may not be the definition of traditional, but are classic and definitely noteworthy. 

Stone Cold Fox, Bonita Dress ($280)

 Stone Cold Fox, Rupp Dress ($550)

Stone Cold Fox, Marrakech Dress ($365)

Okay, okay, you caught me- so these dresses are my personal style. But, think about your favorite companies. Do you like JCrew? Banana Republic? Kate Spade? What style is YOU? Do a little online shopping or browsing through the stores and you may be surprised at what you find.  Don't feel pressured to dress like a traditional bride if it isn't your dream to be one or if it isn't you. Be you on your wedding day, that's the most important thing. Wear what you want, wedding dress or not. 


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