To or not to see your groom prior to ceremony

Monday, May 4, 2015
Many brides go the traditional route and choose to not see the groom before the wedding day. Choosing to not see each other before the wedding can make the moment when the bride walks down the aisle that much more special and amazing. While it may be hard to resist the urge to see one another, there is still a way you can be close without the groom getting a sneak peak of the bride.  A trend I have seen lately is the bride and groom divided by a wall holding hands right before the ceremony. I think this is such an intimate moment and so special for a couple to do right before they say “I do.” This intimate moment is so special and can make for some pretty amazing photos.  There is something so mysterious and exciting about not seeing each other until that very moment when the doors open and the bride enters the ceremony. While many people may say the wedding is all about the bride, having a special moment moments before the wedding can be extremely powerful and each couple deserves that final moment as a non-married couple with one another. 

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