Superhero Birthday Party

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
For my son's 6th birthday, he requested a Superhero Party. After doing some online research, I found that there wasn't much about this party theme so I had to really start from scratch. I purchased this Superhero Collection on from woofyworld. I used the images on everything from the invitations to the Superhero Certification tags and certificates, favor boxes and cupcake toppers. The color scheme for the party was red, blue, yellow and black.
For the party we wanted to have a central theme and wanted all the party guests to go through the Superhero Academy to become certified Superheros. I created a Certification tag for each guest to complete six tasks in order to become a Superhero. Once they completed each task they got a corresponding sticker that I created on their tag. Once completing all six tasks they received their Superhero Certification Certificate. The tasks included: creating a Superhero Name, Super Power, designing outfit (each guest created a mask and/or superhero cuffs), leaped over a tall building in a single bound, exhibited superhuman strength and defeated the villain.

For the dessert table, I wanted to stick with the four-colored Superhero theme by making Cake Pops, Chocolate covered marshmallows, strawberries, two flavors of cupcakes (Funfetti and Devil's Food Cake). For the candy, thanks to Sweet Treats & Designs, I had a candy buffet containing gummy bears, gum balls, candy coated sunflower seeds, cinnamon bears and malt balls.
As for decor of the room (aka my living room) I hung streamers of all four colors from the ceiling. The backdrop of the dessert table featured Superhero terms.

The favor boxes contained Superhero trading cards, an actual Superhero and Superhero candy (candy sticks, taffy, gummies and sweet tarts).

To demonstrate their Superhuman strength, I created a barbel out of a wooden dowel and two 8-inch Styrofoam balls that I spray-painted black and painted "500" on each weight.

Similar to the Superhero art, I found theses amazing capes on from firstcrushdesigns. I bought a cape for the birthday boy who wanted a Superman-inspired cape (blue and red reversible cape) and for Jackson who wanted a Batman-inspired cape (black and yellow reversible cape).


Brittany Schwaigert said...

Really cute! love the ribbons hanging from the ceiling!

April said...

I am throwing my son a superhero party too and I love all your ideas. I really love the invitations, the training sticker check off, and the award...where can I find/order them??

Unknown said...


I was wondering if you would give or sell me the girl superhero tag template you have.. I'm creating a super hero training camp for my daughter's party... and i've been in search of something like this.. and it is perfect! I would greatly appreciate it.. if not, please tell me where to find it.


Carol said...

Hi!! I love your ideas!! This was a great party, and I know your kid is mega lucky with a mom like you!! I wonder if you can give the pattern for the certificate, but in a way that I can change what is written, the kids in my olddest's party only speak french, And I would love to give them this awesome souvenir! If you can send me Please, please please, I will the happiest girl in the world!! :P

Michelle said...

HI I was also wondering about the girls superhero tag template! Super cute. our party is next week!!

Michelle said...

my email is

Mindi said...

Hello! I hope you are checking your comments.. :) My son's superhero party is Saturday.. in two days! I am wondering if you would share/sell your Superhero Academy certificate. SO cute!! And JUST what I need to bring a theme or purpose to our superhero birthday party activities. SO creative. Hope to hear from you SOON. :)

Cheers. Mindi

Unknown said...

I too am wanting to use your printables for my sons' party. I tried finding the original characters on etsy but couldn't find them. Would you be willing to share/sell with/to me?

JessicaR said...

I was wondering if I could get a pdf of your superhero academy certificate if you were willing to share/sell it?


sapphirewind said...

I am also having a problem opening the girls tags, please send to, thanks!

Jared and Celia Duncan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jared and Celia Duncan said...

I am in line for the super adorable (pun intended( Superhero printables!! Would love the station checkoff lanyards and certificate!! Thank you so much in advance! Email:

K MOM said...

What a great idea! I too am interested in the printables. My first grade class at school become superheros when they learn all of their sight words and read 52 reader books. These would be perfect to decorate that part of the room and reward them. How can I get the documents/pdf's please.

Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

I love your certificate....can you email it to me.

Ethan Lee said...

Hi, looks like this was a super fun party, ha! Is it possible to get the printables? I am specifically wondering about the certificate and the tags. You can send to my partner's email, Thank you very much!

Kassi Garner said...

I would love love love to adapt your superhero Academy certificate. We are doing a all girls camp for our church and it is super hero themed. So each day we want to give out awards for like best dressed and skit. Could you send me the link to edit that? It is perfect for what we are looking for? Thanks

Unknown said...

Your post is providing some really good information. I liked its essence and enjoyed reading it. Keep sharing such important posts about this blog and its much more helpful for us .

Cata said...

Hi! You did an amazing job. I am having a problem opening the girls tags, please send to, thanks! I need them to work with my pre-shool children

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