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Saturday, March 5, 2011
I started my business in 2002 after getting my master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of Montana. It was then I moved to the Seattle area and began covering beautiful weddings all over the Puget Sound and beyond.

My favorite part about working with couples is capturing all of the little moments that make a wedding unique to them. I love documenting love and emotion and laughter and I also love making beautiful images of the details, the setting, and all of the elements that each couple has chosen for their day.

A great wedding photographer must be able to not only capture all of the beauty of the day but to also tell the story visually and evocatively. I take great joy in crafting photos that do both. I also believe that because of my training as a photojournalist, I offer my clients more extensive coverage than they might find with many other photographers.

When looking for the right photographer, I would give two pieces of advice. First, make sure you love their work and that you’ve seen a large sampling of it to be sure they are both talented and reliable. Second, choose someone you like! Your photographer will be a part of your wedding day - at some of the most intimate and momentous moments of your life. Be sure you feel comfortable with the person you’ve chosen and that it feels like a great match.

I’ve noticed that photojournalism has become a very popular buzzword and most people want a healthy dose of candids in their wedding images these days. This is a fantastic development because I believe these can be some of the images you will treasure most. But when you are considering a photographer, just be sure their photos really reflect this style if that’s what you want. As it’s grown more popular, even photographers with a more traditional and formal style have taken to calling themselves photojournalists. A great photographer can give you beautiful candids as well as portraits and it will show in their portfolio!

Oona Copperhill Photography

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jenstorey said...

Oona was the photographer for our wedding! Simply love her!

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