Tip #29: Groom's Attire

Saturday, June 23, 2012
Tip of the Day
Looking good and feeling good is not just a quality of women. A groom to be is just as important as a bride to be. The tuxedo, or chosen attire, must fit properly. How many times have you seen a man in a three piece suit where the shoulders of the jacket are too broad, the pants way too baggy, or the collar of the dress shirt too tight? Of course with the bride wearing a white dress, almost any color tuxedo will match. However, the color of the tie and/or vest that the groomsmen wear should incorporate the colors of the bridesmaid's dresses. Let's say for example that a bride and groom are adamant that they both wear white, the groomsman wear white tuxedos, and the bridesmaid dresses must be a light canary yellow. White and yellow are two colors that mesh extremely well because they are very light and soft, yet are subtle enough where they do not detract from the focal point of the wedding, which is the bride and groom. All the groomsmen would need to do in order to make the court look beautiful is to wear a yellow tie or vest and maybe a small yellow rose boutonnière.

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