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Thursday, July 26, 2012
We hired Lori to be the day coordinator at our wedding in Idaho this past weekend and I am so thankful that we had her there! Not only was she flexible enough to travel from Seattle to Northern Idaho for our big day, but her package also included a few pre-wedding planning sessions where we were able to put together a wedding day timeline and talk about aspects of the day that I didn’t even know I needed to think about. We had an outdoor/indoor wedding that required a lot of coordination to set up the venue and Lori took care of all of that while I was getting my hair and makeup done. I should stop and say that the days preceding my wedding were full of last minute projects (i.e. the programs, assembling our wedding favors, getting last minute decorations) so by Friday night I was pretty stressed out, but Lori assured me that she would take care of everything from there and I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything on the day of my wedding.

My only regret is not hiring Lori to plan my entire wedding and only hiring her as a day coordinator. I think that the whole planning process would have been more organized and I would not have been doing last minute projects in the days leading up to my wedding if I would have had Lori helping me with every detail.

On our wedding day Lori came around with us in almost 90 degree weather while we took pictures and made sure we had everything we needed – even going back to our house to pick up our dog so she could be in our pictures! I wasn’t able to really see the venue or the church before the wedding but it looked better than I ever could have imagined and that was all thanks to Lori. The great thing about having her there on your wedding day is that you and your parents get to enjoy the day without worrying about the little details that usually stress them out (especially moms) like making sure the food gets out on time, that you have champagne at your table, or that all of the cleanup gets done.

Lori is so organized and prepared for anything. If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about making your day as perfect and stress free as possible then you need to hire Lori. I promise you will be nothing but grateful that you did!
~Courtney & Evan Wilson, July 21, 2012
Wallace, Idaho

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