Vendor Spotlight: Poplin

Monday, October 14, 2013
“Feeling good about how you look isn’t an indulgence. It’s a must have.”

Why not look fabulous on your wedding day too? It’s affordable, stress free, and will make your dream Pinterest boards come to life.

Styling the wedding party and yourself is an essential part of your wedding day. I know, I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I find myself searching for pictures through Pinterest out of sheer habit. Of course all the pictures I have pinned are lovely gowns and my “dream Pinterest” wedding party is dressed to perfection, but one question remains, “Now, what?”

We’ve done the research, we’ve printed and pinned the pictures, now how do we obtain our dream dresses? Who will set up appointments for the men to find the exact gray suit you desire, or work to find those hot and sexy honeymoon clothes you’ve been dying to purchase? Poplin is here to make your styling dreams a reality. The founder and owner of Poplin, Mellicia Marx, is the fairy godmother to make all of your wedding styling dreams come true. She is the woman that can help you, not only by researching your design style, but she will design a particular look for you and your groom. She will execute that look for your wedding day, wedding party, and even your honey moon. Poplin Style does the hard work for you and you will be able to rest knowing that your wedding party will look classic, timeless, put together, and feel good. 

Think of Poplin as your own personal wedding fairy. Who doesn’t want that? For more information please visit

Wedding Planner 

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