DIY Project: Glitter Shoes

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Things you need:
  • A pretty-shaped pair of shoes, feel free to use an old pair, they'll look brand new after you get finished with them!
  • Any color of glitter you want (I picked silver, gold and bronze, then mixed them) try to vary the size of the glitter. Pick big chunks and fine sands. It adds depth and texture.
  • Modge podge. There are a hundred kinds at the store, pick the good old fashion kind:) if you don't want to spend the money, mix Elmer's with water till it's tacky.
  • A paint brush that is at least an inch wide.
  • Masking tape
  • A plastic pallet of some sort. Bowl, plate, anything to contain the podge.
  • A bowl to catch and throw the glitter with;)
  • A shoe box
  • Newspaper

Step One: Decide what's going to happen to the sole!
Do you want it a different color? Spray paint the area and make sure you don't leave any spot dry. Do you want to write on it? Do it carefully;) Do you like it the way it is? Then tape up the whole area, like I did in photo one. Make the lines precise, and don't forget the inside of the heel or the base/platform. (Pretty much, tape any part you don't want glitter, besides the inside)

Step Two: Prepare for the mess!
Spread the newspaper out across the floor/table. I recommend NOT doing this project over carpet. Glitter is hard enough to completely sweep off of a  wood floor. Mix your glitter if you want that look. I had two shades to work with and created an ombre effect. (Gold+silver and gold+bronze). Put your colors into bowls that are cereal bowl sized. I did mine with paper bowls.

Step Three: Paint and glitter!
Pour the modge podge into a bowl so it's easy to access, and paint it on the shoe. Spread it evenly. After that, hold the shoe over the shoe box and pour glitter from the bowl onto the glue- covered places. If your glitter runs out, put the shoe aside and pour the collected glitter from the box to the bowl and keep covering your shoe. I did my darker shade first and let it sit before starting my lighter shade.

Step Four: Optional multiple coats!
After you've completed your first coat of glitter, take a look at it. If it's everything you dreamed it would be, go to step five. If it needs more clumps of sparkle, be my guest! Dunk that thing in modge podge and glitter it again! (I did two coats on mine!)

Step Five: Seal it.
When the shoes look perfect, go ahead and paint a finishing coat of modge podge over all the areas covered in glitter. This step is important if you want your shoe to stay looking perfect and if you don't want a trail if glitter wherever you go!

Step Six: Resist wearing them!
For three days. You want to make sure they're completely dry before you sport your new shoes. Put them inside the shoe box (if they don't touch the edges) and make sure the shoe box is placed somewhere it won't get knocked over or disturbed. If they get scuffed, it'll look like your nails do when you try to open a drawer thinking they're dry...

Step Seven: Wear them!
Wear them at an evening event, where the lights can make a disco ball out of your feet. Wear them in the sun with a cute little summer dress and blind everyone:)

Thanks to our newest Wedding Day Assistant and new bride herself Britney!

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