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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
I would recommend Lori and Elegant Affairs to anyone! I met Lori at the Tacoma Fall Wedding Expo in 2008. I figured I could do everything myself for my wedding, but about a month out I felt overwhelmed and wanted some guidance and someone to oversee the big day. I met with Lori two times before the rehearsal and she gave me a ton of ideas, I had never even heard of. We went over the perfect way to thank my parents in the toast, wedding songs, where to have people stand in the ceremony and a hundred other things.

When the rehearsal came, I was feeling indecisive and didn’t want to make even more decisions. Lori stepped in and helped me choose when other people wanted to let me choose and I really needed the help of someone who had been there multiple times before. She met with me after the rehearsal and we went over all the stuff I brought for the wedding.

Finally the big day arrived and I was so glad to have Lori there helping me. She brought everything I needed (including last minute golf tees to put in the ground so the groomsmen would know where to stand, and the roses we used down the aisle) and directed all of the festivities: including putting bows on the backs of the chairs for the special guests, handing out all of the checks to the vendors and generally watching over every last detail. My mom especially loved how Lori was able to move people from one place to another without being intrusive at all.

At the end of the night Lori and her assistant Lilly were there handing out my favors to everyone before we left. I had a day of event coordinator with my venue, but I AM SO GLAD we hired Lori to be another day of coordinator. The venue coordinator was great for being in charge of the food and all of that side, but I know I would have been stressed without Lori. I wish I would have contacted her sooner to get even more ideas, but having her as the day of coordinator still made all the difference.

Bottom line, if you, your dad, your fiancĂ© or someone else involved in the wedding is unsure about hiring a wedding planner, just remember this: my dad is one of the most frugal people you will ever meet and he said Lori’s help was worth every penny and then some.

~Rachael Odom-Parsons (July 2009)

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