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Thursday, September 24, 2009
We decided to hire Lori as our Day-of-Wedding Coordinator a month or two before our wedding, and it is was a great decision! At first we thought we could do everything on our own, especially since our vision seemed simple and we had a lot of friends and family to help. But as the wedding date drew closer, the amount of coordination seemed like it would overwhelm our ability to enjoy the day, and that is when we called Lori.

I felt so much better and less stressed after our very first meeting with Lori. She was organized, on time, and helped me prioritize what needed to be done before our next meeting. I am not someone who has dreamed about her wedding her whole life, so I really appreciated having Lori give me ideas or point out things I might want to consider. She really helped me feel that what needed to be done was manageable and that she would take care of any problems so that Matt and I could enjoy our day.

Lori was at the rehearsal and it was so wonderful to have her there directing everyone. We all had a clear understanding of how the ceremony would go the next day and I was able to enjoy the evening instead of fielding questions. At the ceremony, Lori and her assistant were so wonderful, making sure everything went well. The chairs were set up exactly the way I had hoped, and Lori even made beautiful name tags to hang on the chairs for family.

During the reception, I later found out that Lori helped things run smoothly when the refrigerators stopped working! I never knew until someone told me after the wedding. It just illustrates what a great decision it was to hire Lori. Instead of dealing with mishaps and figuring out who would go get ice, Matt and I were able to completely enjoy our wedding, unaware of any chaos that might be going on. We had a wonderful, wonderful wedding and we are so glad we hired Lori so that we could enjoy and experience our day as much as possible.
Thank you Lori.

~Emily Barlow and Matt Currie
August 23, 2009

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