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Saturday, February 6, 2010
In the past, many have thought that hiring an event planner was an extravagance only meant for the elite. After all, why spend money for something you could “do yourself?” Today, however, times have changed. The costs and complexity of planning any event, but most especially weddings, have many people turning to an event planner. An event professional not only saves time and emotional stress, but it can actually save money.

This is how Elegant Affairs can help you. We believe in making your vision come true no matter what budget you have. From locating the perfect vendors to dealing with all of the details leading up to your special event, our aim is for you and your guests to have fun and to make your event something that people will still be talking about five years later.

We realize that everyone’s needs and visions are different. That’s why we listen to you! We custom design your event to fit your needs, style and budget. For example, you may find along the way that with your busy schedule, and never ending commitments, you don’t have the time, and you need Elegant Affairs to step in and assist you with partial planning, planning for the rehearsal and dinner, researching specific information for you, or full wedding/event planning. We’re here for you – however you need us.

Elegant Affairs is a different type of event planning company. We connect with our clients on a personal, individual basis. This connection allows us to truly understand your vision for your event, and once we understand your vision – we figure out how to make it a reality. At Elegant Affairs, your ideas are important to us, and we listen to YOU. When you choose Elegant Affairs Events, you’ll be able to make intelligent, educated and informed decisions throughout the entire process – and at the end, you’ll have the event you’ve dreamed about.

What Elegant Affairs can do for you:
•Help create a realistic budget
•Devise an event/wedding master plan that maps out all the little details
•Find the best florists, photographers, DJs, in your price range
•Read over all of your vendor contracts
•Create a timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process - vendors, members of the wedding party and families - when to do what and how to actually stick to that schedule
•Coordinate with the photographer, florist, musicians and caterer/banquet manager to determine realistic set-up times and when they should arrive
•Manage the wedding day/event, supervise vendors, handle emergencies and sooth nerves
•Serve as your spokesperson, conveying your every whim and desire to vendors or family members when you just can't deal with doing it yourself

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