Wedding inspiration from Las Vegas

Thursday, May 13, 2010
During a recent mini-vacation with my husband, minus our two boys, the first in five years to Las Vegas I gained a lot of great ideas and inspiration from decor some of the most amazing hotels, starting with the Palazzo Hotel. In the lobby there was the most amazing display of umbrellas. Lately, I have been keen to the idea of paper lanterns to add a little extra color to receptions, but it was something about the umbrellas that really drew me in. Forget the rule about never opening an umbrella inside.
Here is another example from the Wynn Hotel:

And one final example from the Bellagio. I loved the floral pattern, perfect for any summer wedding or event.
As we left the Bellagio and walked along the Boardwalk out front, I noticed a crew setting up for a wedding later on the in the day. I wished that we could have been there to see the actual event, but it was great seeing this amazing set-up.
Far and away, I was blown away by the decor at the Wynn. Here are some photos of some creative wedding cakes.

One final bit of inspiration I want to share are the FABULOUS floral Pomander balls again at the Wynn. The colors and sizes of these floral balls were simply breathtaking.

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