Wednesday: What Inspires Me?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Similar to Etsy Monday, I am going to start a new tradition on Wednesdays that I am calling, What Inspires Me Wednesday. These postings will highlight people, places and things that inspires me in my life as a wife & mother and wedding/event planner.

This first post will be my favorite Websites and Blogs.

The first part of my mornings, once my boys are off to school, I turn on my laptop and after checking my email, I visit about 20-50 sites in a span of an hour (I limit myself to 60 minutes, otherwise I could spend all day researching).

These sites provide endless amounts of ideas that I incorporate into my weddings & events to help clients have the perfect event (and most importantly within their budget). Each site provides unique tips and tricks and create ideas for future events.

Here is a list of my favorites: (I love tutorials! From creating yarn pom poms to cake pops, Youtube has it all) (Great site for parties!) (Great site for parties!) (Geat site for parties!) (Enough said!) (Great site for handmade gifts and crafts!) (Great site to create my online inspiration boards) (Amazing Real Weddings section; so many great ideas) (Amazing Real Weddings section; so many great ideas)

Please take a look at these sites so you can understand how I draw inspiration.

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