Lego Birthday Party

Thursday, January 19, 2012

For my oldest son’s 7th birthday, all he wanted was something Lego themed. He has been obsessed with Legos so this was the perfect theme for his birthday party. For the concept of the dessert table, I actually found the fabric at Joann Fabrics right after Halloween. It was fabric used with make a Minnie Mouse costume, but it gave me the inspiration for the table. To match the backdrop fabric, I found the red wrapping paper with white sparkly polka dots at Target around Christmas time. It was a perfect fit. For the other décor, I found the Lego Mini-figure head a few months back thinking it was a great Christmas present so it was hard to hide this large toy in my garage from two very snoopy boys. The finishing touches were the Capri Sun boxes that I wrapped in solid color wrapping paper.

For the food, I wanted to spotlight the Lego Mini-figure by creating Marshmallow pops which I also hand drew faces of some of the mini-figures that my sons have. To complete the look, I made Lego brick candy. I also made vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cupcakes, topped with butter cream frosting along with a Lego brick candy. My new tasty treat that I created was Lego brick and Lego mini-figure gummy candies. They were so easy to make (I used blue raspberry, raspberry, lime, lemon, orange and grape) and by far the most popular of all the kids and adults in attendance. Finally, I made Lego brick sugar cookies that I topped with mini M&Ms.

As a thank you to all of the guests, I created Lego brick replica gift bags complete with handmade Lego brick crayons, candy, and other Lego related goodies.

Also, a big thank you to Valerie from Valerie's Invites for creating amazing invitations complete with a little bag of Legos that were part of the invitation.

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