Wedding Planner Journey: The Hunt is On!

Friday, January 10, 2014
The holidays are over. Part of me is very thankful for January.  My life is finally back to normal, well almost normal. Life hasn’t been the same since I’ve been engaged; it’s been fast paced and exciting. The calls have finally died down and I now I feel like I can retract back into my cozy apartment and relax. Sometimes I forget that I’m a bride or that I have a wedding to plan. Not only do I have a wedding to plan, but we have the Seattle Wedding Show this weekend. This week is a big week for Elegant Affairs and our wedding planning team. We have anticipated the show for almost a year now. As a team, we have planned every detail to a tee and we are ready. I may be ready as a vendor, but am I ready as a bride?

The Seattle Wedding Show is an experience.  As a vendor we work to create a positive atmosphere for all our brides that enter our booth. The doors open bright and early. Before you know it, all of the brides eagerly flow in. It is overwhelming. I have seen so many brides walk around the Convention Center with a glazed over look on their faces. There is so much to see, so many vendors, and amazing deals everywhere. 
Everyone wants you, but who do you want? This is what I need to remember- who do we want?

This year will be a different experience for me. I will be working the wedding show and will be attending as bride. I will walk down the aisles of vendors- many whom are my friends. I’ll share my fabulous news of engagement followed by shrieks of delight. Even as a vendor, I have to think about what is best for us. Yes, there are various deals at the wedding show, but is it true to who we are? Will we be making a good decision choosing one vendor over the other?

Here is my personal advice, as a wedding planner- vendor-bride, hunting for the most magnificent wedding vendors Seattle has to offer. This is my wedding show game plan.

  • I’m going to look around at various vendors. I will look at ALL the vendors the Wedding Show has to offer. Yes, I know what vendors provide catering, or who is a florist we use on occasions, but I will take all vendors into consideration. I will be open minded. I will explore new options. I will look for a vendor that can cater to my needs.
  •  I will watch the fashion show. I think I have an idea for the perfect dress, but who knows what is out there? I want to visit various bridal gown vendors and see what they have to offer. Do they have off the rack dresses that can be purchased today? Are there any dresses that I love?
  • I plan on trying cake, pie, and cheesecake. In no specific order. I will take multiple samples… and I may have to return for more. Just in case.
  • I will look at all wedding photographers. Does this photographer have the style I am looking for? What is their turn around rate for photos?
  • As for dresses, I will play a little dress up, but I will think clearly of my vision and the dress experience I would like to have.
  • Most importantly, I will have fun as a bride. I will not have a glazed look over my face, or be the next contestant on Extreme Couponing. I will breathe, smile, and enjoy the ride.

The one thing I will not have to search for is an amazing woman to coordinate our wedding day. I have had the pleasure to work for such a supportive company over the last three seasons. Lori, the owner of Elegant Affairs, will be standing next to me on our wedding day as a bridesmaid. As for our wedding, it will be run by Elegant Affairs. I highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator. Yes, I am a wedding planner but, I will have a coordinator run our wedding. I can do the planning, decide between lace and satin, but I want someone to take the stress off of us so we can truly enjoy our day with our loved ones. I want my guests, family, and friends to eat, drink, and watch us get married- not box up the reception at the end of the night. 

Don’t be shy; wedding coordinators are here to help.

I will be working the Seattle Wedding Show with Lori, the wonderful owner of Elegant Affairs, and two amazing woman from EA. Stop by, give me a wave. I’d love to chat about our wedding experiences together. After all, we are each other’s best resource.

Cheers and Happy Wedding Show ya’ll.

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