Save the Dates

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Save the Dates are a great way to be fun and creative! Leave the formality for your invitation. Get creative with your Save the Dates and really get your guests talking!

Save the date cards serve as reminders or to give one a heads up that you are going to get married. More than that, they allow the recipients to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements way in advance.

Save the date cards are usually mailed on average six months before the actual wedding date. But, some couples have been known to send them out as soon as they have confirmed their wedding date.

Couples that plan their weddings close to popular holidays like around Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Fourth of July should mail their cards several months in advance so their guests can avoid traffic and overbooked flights.

Even if you've already received confirmations from certain guests, you still need to send them a save-the-date (bridesmaids, siblings and parents). But remember: Only send Save the Dates to those that you definitely want to invite to your wedding. Once these are in the mail, there's no turning back.

Information that should be included in your Save the Date:
• Full name of the bride and groom
• Date
• Time
• Location
• Hotel Information
• Wedding Web site

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