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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Why did you start your company?
Needing to try something different in photography I decided to change my path. Instead of remaining in the fashion editorial world of photography a switch to weddings called me. Feeling like it would be fun to be a part of a wedding day pushed me towards a newfound passion. It came as a complete surprise to discover that I love it… everything about a wedding day is exciting… but the most exciting part for me… capturing my clients memories. Looking back what I was really looking for was something that I could be a contribution to… and with a wedding day I found it.

What is your favorite part working with brides and grooms?
Boy… what isn’t fun about working with a Bride and Groom? Every weekend I get to see the very best in people. I get to watch young woman look in mirrors and fuss with hair a makeup… pull at dresses… put on high heals… oh how they make me feel young!!! I love the joy they have in doing all those simple girl things. Grooms give out cigars; a mother gives a young groom a kiss on a cheek… a father tells his daughter she is beautiful before he gives her away… I hear toasts that make me cry, see dancing that makes me laugh… and kisses which remind me of how much I love being in love.

What makes your company stand out from the rest?
It isn’t just the photos that are important to me… they of course need to be beautiful… but most importantly is to make sure that everyone around me is taken care of. To be concerned about the well being of a bride and groom… are they cold… do I need to give the bride a wrap while she waits for her next photo?... Does anyone need something to drink?... how about an energy bar?. You may ask what does this have to do with great photos… I say everything. My clients knowing I am concerned about them creates a relationship of trust. It is this trust that is the foundation of taking great photos. My goal is to make the experience about working with me as important as taking the photos.

Advice you would give brides on finding the perfect photographer?
After a bride knows that she likes photographer’s images, it is important to make sure the photographers philosophy jives with that of the bride. Does the bride get a sense that the photographer is there for her, or is it more about the photographer having their own agenda about what kind of photos they want to take? The more information a bride can give me about the vision of her the day, the better I can translate that vision into photos. Can the photographer adapt to changes that may occur in the day? Ask questions… and then more questions. One of my very favorite questions a bride ever asked me is “Why do I like to photograph weddings?”

What are the new photography trends you are seeing?
When it comes to trends in photography there will always be different looks from one year to the next, but what will not change is classic technique. Knowing how to execute my craft in order to best capture a bride’s day. There is a lot of “natural” looking photo styles out there and often these are achieved not because the photographer knew what they were doing… but simply because they were outside in natural light. What happens if it rains? How about photographing in a dark reception hall? Without understanding proper technique those wonderful candid moments can slip right by. I would say if I saw a trend it is in my brides looking for more experienced photographers. Too many horror stories out there about a “friend who has a good digital camera and likes to take photos”. Brides are discovering that having a camera does not a photographer make.

For me personally, this year will be about capturing even more of those amazing moments. To really look for the heart of the wedding, to not only take that photo at the height of the moment… but also to look for the follow through… it’s not just the hugging… but also the moment right after the hug. Genuine, authentic emotion… even in my formals I want there to be fun and spontaneity. Having a bridal party in a grouping doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for unique moments… you just have to relax, give a smile, and let the magic happen.

Tasha Owen

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