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Monday, May 23, 2011
Normally, I am not a big fan of cake toppers unless it has significant meaning (i.e. parents cake topper, etc.); however I quickly changed my tune when I ran across these adorable personalized cake toppers (really wedding sculptures) by Cake Toppers Studio.

They are pricey ($250), but I feel really worth it.

According to the description: "Charming wedding cake topper (original style topper) custom-made in your likeness. I will create a topper in the style shown of you and your future spouse that features your hairstyles, gown, tux, and flowers. Figures are sculpted of polymer clay and stand about 6 ½ inches tall including the base. The base is white painted wood approximately 5 inches in diameter. The figures are a whimsical, artistic rendering in the style pictured and are not intended to be an exact portrait."

Here are some examples.

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