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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tell us about you: E. Leigh Photography is my husband Mat, and I. We're based in Brooklyn, NY but are expanding to Seattle in 2013! We shoot almost every wedding together and love to tell love stories. (They have been featured on Style Me Pretty)

What makes your company unique: We come from photojournalism and fashion worlds respectively so we can tell the story of your wedding day from every angle. We'll grab the unique moments that only happen once and also show off your gorgeous dress and bouquet in a magazine-style shoot. Call us crazy, but we believe that weddings should be fun. Not stressful. Not lame or cookie-cutter. And definitely not boring. They should be a perfect and wonderful reflection of who you are as a couple. Our job is to tell your weak-in-the-knees love story. 

What are the trends in Wedding Photography: One of our favorite trends is super important to our business - storytelling! Gone are the days for stiff, posed portraits (although we still do those for Grandma and Mom) and in is telling the story through emotional, evocative photos that make you feel how amazing it was. This means way more fly-on-the-wall and way less camera-in-the-face.

How to select a wedding photographer: Some of the best advice we can give is to pick a wedding photographer you would hang out with in regular life.  You will spend more time with your photographer than almost any other vendor (except your planner/designer) and you must like them! If they're boring, or inappropriate or just give you weird feeling, find someone else. Of course their pictures should be mind-blowing also. ;-)

Advice from a wedding photographer: Please give your photographers a hot meal, preferably near your table! We spend the entire day on our feet and really need to recharge. It would be so sad if we fainted at your wedding! If we eat near you (and at a similar time) we can get up when you do and capture the raucousness of the dance floor

We always tell brides to get a coordinator or a planner for their wedding (Lori was ours and she was uh-mazing). It's just so important to have a non-family member, non-venue person running the whole show. Trust me when I say you should spend on this and everything else will go more smoothly and look more beautiful. 

If you have a Seattle wedding in July/August of 2013 and think we might be a match, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can see more work on our blog:
or Facebook page:
or catch up with us here:
Erin Leigh 

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