Super Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Want a vibrant wedding, but don't want to go overboard on your color scheme? Maybe use a few of these ideas to add a pop of color to your wedding, without going too crazy!

1. Wear a pair of bright colored heels under your dress! You may not always see them, but when you lift to walk or are dancing, they will be the perfect pop!

2. Give your bridesmaids their own color to accent! Along with their matching dresses, have them accessorize with their own color! It could be rainbow, or a few colors from your wedding color scheme.

3. Have a colorful centerpiece, Legos are a good distraction for the kiddos at your wedding!

4. Add a little color to the traditional champagne toast! Not much, but a few berries will do the trick!

5. Or have a non traditional wedding scheme, go a little crazy! 

6. Photo booth backdrops are always fun, personalize it on your own and give it some vibrant color!

7. Create some wedding guest book art! Finger painting is always a fun idea for any age!

8. Or give your boutonnieres a subtle pop of color!

There are so many different ways to sneak some vibrant color into your wedding, these are just a few ideas that I could come up with! Have fun!

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