Bride Personality Types: ESTJ Bride!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Find out your Bride Personality Type here!

The Myers-Brigg Test has indicated 16 different personality types based on how people interact with the world, absorb information, make decisions, and organize thoughts.

 ESTJ  Things an ESTJ hates. Some of these are sooooo spot-on! (Namely uncertainty, indecision, constant changes, and lack of control)

This week we will be discovering the "Executive" personality type! 

1. ESTJ's otherwise known as, "The Executive" or "The Supervisor" are fantastic project managers and problem-solvers! She lives in the present with a fine eye for detail to make sure everything is running smoothly. This bride would not only coordinate a fantastically executed wedding, but she will make darn sure that her wedding goes down in the history books! Speaking of history, some well known ESTJ's are Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Condolleeza Rice! Coincidence, I think not.

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2. This bride's maid of honor is in luck because the ESTJ bride is going to be the CEO of her wedding due to her desires for perfectionism. (Not to mention, Martha Stewart is in the ESTJ club as well!)Some of her greatest strengths is her ability to get a job done, multi-task, and work at a fast-pace! She values responsibility and takes commitments very seriously. Also, this bride is quick to make practical decisions so if your the ESTJ's maid of honor, your job is to help her relax!

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3. The ESTJ has a very low tolerance for inefficiency and messiness and have a true love for organization. Her world is centered around facts and concrete needs. This bride's brain is always on the clock! She needs fun outlets more than any other personality type! Take her thinking cap off and put some party pants on because ESTJ's can be very boisterous and fun at social events!

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4. This bride is going to be very influential to other brides who are looking to get married because this gal is a wonderful role model. She likes to bring communities together and she receives a lot of personal satisfaction from the happiness of others. Other brides will be inspired by her ability to bring an amazing wedding to life for her loved ones to enjoy with her.

awesome pic opportunity after the ceremony

5. If any bride is going to kick wedding worries in the butt, it will be this bride! ESTJ's do not shy away from conflict and are extremely logical and practical! She can be a stubborn one, but her directness, honesty, and pragmatism will always fix everything. If you have been invited to her wedding, relax and enjoy because I can guarantee that this bride made sure that everything has been thoughtfully taken care of!

Pretty cute

See you next week!
Mo Hughes

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